Enable your patrons to uncover research resources through a simple, proven solution. Carefully designed to meet both patrons’ and librarians’ needs, Summon improves the discovery of your library’s collection and institutional resources. Libraries can leverage robust capabilities through an out-of-the-box interface or an API and benefit from flexible customization options and easy-to-use administration tools.

Expose extensive research resources

Help patrons uncover a variety of resources available through your subscribed content, local collections, Open Access, or within institutional repositories.


Promote effective search, exploration, and access

Deliver a modern research experience that encourages robust search and exploration, accompanied by proven, neutral relevance ranking and resource access.


Tailor the UX for your library’s needs

Design a compelling discovery environment that surpasses your patrons’ expectations through interface customizations, unique integrations, and other flexible implementation options.


Administer with ease and simplicity

Streamline workflows with integrated resource management, reduce time spent on system maintenance, and delve into robust search analytics through extensive administrative tools.

Product Highlights

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A comprehensive data approach, leveraging a unified index and knowledgebase

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API or out-of-the-box interface facilitates universal search, resource exploration, and content access

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Ranking algorithm presents balanced search results across content types, regardless of provider

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Index-Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL) delivers nearly 100% linking success for more than 500+ million items

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Customization options increase opportunities to engage users and extend library services

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Easy to manage

Administration tools make it easy to perform system maintenance, optimization, and usage analysis


We feel confident that

our students are being presented

with the most useful resources,

regardless of the publisher.”


Katy Silberger, Marist College

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