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Maximize the exposure of your library collections, and provide students and researchers with fast access to scholarly materials and intuitive ways to explore new content. Primo seamlessly integrates with a wide range of library and academic systems for end-to-end, efficient workflows. Our active user community amplifies the power of Primo through sharing customer-led innovations, best practices and collaborative developments.

Delivering the experience that users expect

Give patrons access to a wealth of scholarly materials and the most relevant mix of resources related to their research. All via a single search interface, anytime, and on any device.


Maximizing the value of library collections

Increase the use of library resources, promote the visibility of your library services, and demonstrate value to decision-makers through advanced analytics.


Supporting the art of librarianship

Increase productivity with end-to-end library workflows, and advanced harvesting and normalization capabilities. Easily customize Primo to influence how collections are explored and displayed.


Embedding discovery in the academic ecosystem

Connect discovery with research systems, teaching and learning platforms, student mobile apps, and other tools, with Primo’s out-of-the-box product integrations and open APIs.

Product Highlights

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Broad coverage of academic resources and extensive metadata

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Highly-refined search results using sophisticated relevancy algorithm

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Next-generation interface for seamless user services and a personalized experience

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Proven content neutrality, providing the right information irrespective of the provider

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Open discovery framework, to easily customize and share developments with the Primo community

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Unique capabilities for library consortia, supporting a wide variety of structures and workflows


If you’re using a product
that is so important to
your institution…
it’s best to have a community
that understands you,
so you can work together.


Mehmet Celik, KU Leuven

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