campusM is the campus app for you and your students.
campusM delivers a mobile app and portal that helps you deliver on your strategic goals and gives your students a one-stop shop for everything they need.
Simple to administer, cost effective to implement and always innovative, campusM is the top campus app for colleges looking to revolutionize their digital strategy.

Secure and reliable

With 24/7 monitoring and a monthly release cycle, you can have peace of mind that your app is up to date with the latest security and is available whenever your users need it.


Offering an exceptional native mobile app and fully responsive web portal experience, campusM is a cost-effective, one-stop shop for college services across a variety of channels.

Truly integrated

campusM doesn’t just link out to other systems but delivers real integrations to key services, making life easier for you and your students—and allowing them to serve themselves on their own terms.

Easy to manage

With a simple, web-based administration suite, campusM lets you update content, design and services in just minutes.


Higher education faces many challenges

Rising student expectations come at the same time as application rates are falling. Institutions are expected to compete for the best students while having to cut their budgets.

All of this is happening on a global scale that has never seen before.

At campusM, we have been providing mobile apps and responsive web portals to higher education for 10 years, so we know the conditions you’re operating in.

We also know that engaging with your students on the device they’re using all day, every day, can be a great way to address these challenges.

By mobilizing existing investments, you can give your students the campus experience they expect—and deserve.

How campusM helps

Recruit and retain the best students in an increasingly global marketplace by providing an exceptional digital experience of campus life.

See how Lancaster University found an increased conversion rate of 14% among undergraduate applicants who used the app.

Give students a one-stop shop to college services such as learning management systems, timetables, library accounts, student information systems and more, on the device of their choice, to make student life easy.

Read how at Miami Dade College, campusM has become an essential tool for students to manage their college life.

Empower digital transformation on campus by delivering hyper-personalized mobile and portal experiences, putting your students at the heart of the institution.

See how Middlesex University transformed its student communications using campusM.

Product Highlights



Mobilize your campus with on-the-go access to college services, integrating with vital systems such as class schedules, LMS, library and email.



Engage your users with access to services and information specific to their needs, for a campus app experience as unique as they are.



Study built-in analytics for insights into how users are interacting with your mobile and portal deployments.



Empower your developers and grow your app with a platform designed to adapt with your needs, and a fully open, extendable framework.



Use your university app to engage with all members of the university community, including prospects, applicants, students, alumni and staff



Support for leading technologies and a monthly release cycle makes sure your app is always at the forefront of innovations.


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