Voyager® is the integrated library solution chosen by many of the world’s leading libraries to serve as the backbone of their service systems. Voyager has an intuitive graphical interface, is standards-based, and built on open systems technology. This allows Voyager to interoperate with existing library systems and scale to accommodate future library needs.

Standards-based and built on open technology

Voyager integrates and interoperates smoothly with existing library systems as well as with new technologies.


A stable long-term investment

Core technologies, standards, and language support have been carefully chosen to ensure that Voyager meets the ever-evolving needs of your library



Voyager client/server software supports the control of Web-based public access cataloging and authority control as well as acquisitions, serials, circulation and course reserves modules. Sophisticated reporting and system administration are all part of the out-of-the-box product offering.


Flexible server configuration

Accommodates your library’s current and future technology needs and handles a wide range of simultaneous users.

Product Highlights

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Voyager can be customized by staff to provide the greatest efficiency

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Designed to manage the collections of academic and research libraries

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Voyager offers complete functionality to manage print and digital collections

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Voyager supports MARC 21 and many other industry standards

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Voyager is used in libraries of many sizes

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Functionality can be enhanced through the use of open APIs

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