Fast and cost-effective
library resource sharing

RapidILL is a dynamic and community-oriented resource sharing system designed for quick and efficient interlibrary loan transactions. With a focus on saving staff time, RapidILL provides tools for automating workflows and leveraging your institution’s collections for peer-to-peer sharing and document delivery.

A dynamic and robust resource sharing experience

RapidILL was developed by library staff for academic libraries. Its goal is to provide tools and workflows to enhance your ability to provide material to your patrons.


Seamlessly integrates into your existing library workflows

RapidILL coexists and augments your local ILL management system to operate transparently behind the scenes. Your patrons receive their requested material faster using the same requesting mechanisms they are familiar with.


Effectively utilizes your library’s collections

Leverage RapidILL to simplify your local document delivery operations. RapidILL’s holdings options provides a myriad of ways to expose your collections to partner libraries.


Provides solutions for interlibrary collaboration

RapidILL was designed to maximize resource sharing engagement between libraries and consortial or library groups. The RapidILL system supports tiered and priority arrangements to ensure your library is working effectively with key partners.

Product Highlights

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Turnaround time

Less-than-24-hour receipt of article and book chapter requests

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Smart routing

Dynamic request routing using an algorithm that utilizes load-leveling and time zone awareness

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Streamlined workflows

Automated processing to minimize staff time for request management

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Delivery options

The RapidX delivery service supports all major ILL protocols and facilitates transmissions between libraries using different platforms

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Pod structure and prioritization configurations enhance consortial and partner resource sharing agreements

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Customer service

Industry leading support to maintain a high level of productivity

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