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A Silver OEM Partner, Ex Libris established a relationship with Cognos® in 2005 with the goal of adding advanced business intelligence features--enabling easily creation, generation, and delivery of reports--to its integrated library system suite.

The Ex Libris ILS reporting tools Voyager: Analyzer and the ALEPH Reporting Center (ARC) leverage Cognos ReportNet business intelligence capabilities to deliver a Web-based reporting system. Reports derived from the wide array of rich operational data contained within the ILS modules —Acquisitions/Serials, Cataloging, Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, and OPAC—assist administrators in making informed decisions regarding library collections, patron services, and back-office workflows.

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In June 2001 Ex Libris™ and the ABLE™ Partnership announced the joint development of an information interface between the Aleph integrated library system and the ABLE library binding system. The ABLE/Ex Libris binding interface automates binding preparation, eliminates errors and manual re-keying, and instantly updates the status of an entire binding shipment-all via the Internet. Shared customers, of these two companies, can automatically move data back and forth between the two systems.
ABLE has been in successful operation for the past twelve years and is used by major binderies in North America, UK, Germany, and Japan. More than 400 libraries use the ABLE Library component. The system can read and write in the two leading formats used by library binders-ABLE and LARS.
For additional information on the ABLE Partnership, see:

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Ex Libris is a value-added reseller for Oracle, as elements of the company's Voyager ILS are built on Oracle's relational database. The flexibility of Voyager is due in part to the Oracle relational database structure, which provides complete integration of functionality and increased capabilities for the combination of functions throughout the library.

Ex Libris fully supports the Oracle database and the associated application code, providing first-tier customer service. The goal of this relationship, is to maintain a superior data storage mechanism that is safe, secure, reliable, efficient, and accessible, and one that functions in full compliance with both existing and emerging industry standards.

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Since the development of the Aleph and Voyager integrated library systems on the Sun® platform, Ex Libris has become a Sun Higher Education Partner. Over the years, Ex Libris and Sun have worked closely to provide real solutions for the constantly evolving library market. The scalability and reliability of the Sun platform, the Company's strong relationships with best-of-breed library software vendors, as well as its presence and investment in the education community have led some of the largest libraries in the world to choose Sun as their platform of choice.

As libraries shift from physical to digital collections, from repository to gateway, Sun's network-centric computing technologies provide a sturdy platform for the library of tomorrow.

For additional information regarding Sun Microsystems, see: http://www.sun.com/products-n-solutions/edu/commofinterest/libraries/

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In January 2003 Ex Libris and Syndetic Solutions partnered to deliver Syndetic enrichment options to Ex Libris customers using Aleph (Version 16+) or SFX. Ex Libris customers operating Aleph or SFX can take advantage of this partnership with Syndetic Solutions to subscribe to the Company's enrichment options including cover images, summaries, fiction and biography profiles, author notes, first chapters, excerpts, tables of contents, and book reviews.

Syndetic Solutions is the premier provider of specialized, quality bibliographic data for the enhancment of library online catalogs. The company's products and services are designed to improve precision in the search and retrieval of information contained within large bibliographic databases, and to enhance the user's experience by presenting a wealth of information about the titles retrieved. Acting as a centralized collection and distribution center for descriptive information about books and media currently in print, Syndetics consolidates and standardizes data formats, and creates additional and uniquely valuable access points and data elements.

For additional information regarding Syndetic Solutions, please see http://www.syndetics.com/index.htm.

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Ex Libris is a charter member of Talis Information Limited's partnership program, Talis Connexions, introduced in April 2006. Talis Connexions is a flexible framework that facilitates collaboration between like-minded organizations providing library management solutions to academic, research, corporate, and government institutions.

Both Talis and Ex Libris are dedicated to supporting access, interoperability, and standards-based integration where appropriate, for the benefit of the wider communities served. Talis Connexions also provides the foundation for managing specific technology initiatives, such as fostering interconnectivity between Ex Libris' Voyager ILS and Talis' reading list solution, Talis List.

For additional information, see: http://www.talis.com/applications/about/partners.shtml

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Ex Libris is proud to partner with the Blackboard Learning System - Enterprise License is a world-class software application for institutions dedicated to teaching and learning. Academic institutions around the world use the Blackboard Learning System to:

Create Powerful Learning Content -Simple and powerful web-based tools allow instructors and facilitators to build and manage learning content and provide an engaging environment for students.

Facilitate Student Participation, Communication, and Collaboration - A suite of synchronous and asynchronous tools encourage student interaction, small-group work, and peer knowledge sharing.

For more information, see http://www.blackboard.com/us/index.Bb

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