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Onward and Upward to Primo in the Cloud

Jørgen Madsen, Primo Product Manager 

One of the buzzwords in technology today is software as a service (SaaS), also known as cloud computing. Unlike other popular concepts that often remain more buzz than business, SaaS constitutes a well established, continually growing trend and is the method by which Ex Libris solutions are delivered to hundreds of institutions.

The Primo® discovery and delivery solution offers, without a doubt, the most flexible functionality, configuration, ranking, and consortial support on the market. Since its launch, Primo has been deployed as both a local implementation and a cloud-based, fully managed solution; however, if most customers chose the locally hosted option a few years ago, today we are seeing steady growth in the number of cloud-based implementations. In the second half of 2010, the majority of new Primo customers in North America opted for Primo in the cloud; in Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America, the cloud-based packages started gaining in popularity as well. We expect this trend to continue in 2011. By choosing a local Primo installation or Primo as a cloud-based service, libraries can be sure that they are harnessing the most appropriate discovery technology for their staff and users.  

Primo is available from Ex Libris in two cloud-based packages. Primo Direct spares libraries the tasks of implementation and ongoing maintenance but gives them access to the Primo administrative interface, which enables the staff to further configure and customize the system, if so desired. Primo TotalCare, the ultimate form of Primo in the cloud, provides all technical and application services, leaving librarians free to focus on serving their end users.

Today some of the components of Primo are cloud-based services. One need consider only the bX scholarly article recommender—fully embedded in the Primo user interface—to understand the simplicity and power of delivery via the cloud. Requiring no installation and virtually no local effort other than a few mouse clicks to activate the service, bX is a powerful, relevant, and incredibly useful addition to the Primo universe.  

Another example of a cloud-based service is the Primo Central Index. Libraries that add Primo Central to their setup instantly receive search results from a service that is somewhere in the cloud. Where exactly the service resides matters little; what matters a great deal is that the service is of high quality, has excellent response times, and delivers vital content.

One might ask whether institutions would want to install the bX service or Primo Central locally if they could. The obvious answer is that certain services are global in nature and require global solutions. These services deliver what has always been at the very core of the library’s mission—the sharing of information—and they do it on a global scale. 

So whether you are reaping the benefits of one of our cloud-based packages or using one of our cloud-based services (such as bX or Primo Central) on top of your local installation, Ex Libris welcomes you to the cloud!

To learn more about how your library can upgrade to Ex Libris cloud-based services, contact your local office or account manager.