Ex Libris ILS Solutions:

Information Infrastructure for the 21st Century Library

Now more than ever, libraries are facing the challenges of escalating user expectations, a diverse and rapidly expanding information universe, and the demand for increased operational efficiencies. To meet these challenges, libraries require an infrastructure that enables them to continue offering their services in a constantly evolving environment.  
Does your ILS enable you to meet these challenges? 
Ex Libris offers two proven integrated library systems—ALEPH® and Voyager®-—that provide the information infrastructure today’s libraries need.  Ex Libris is committed to the ongoing development, enhancement, and support of these two products—ensuring that academic, research, and national libraries continue to offer staff and patrons with the solutions they need to meet their ever-evolving needs.
With over 25 years of experience and 3,500 deployments across the globe, Ex Libris ILS solutions address the needs of libraries of all types and sizes, ranging from smaller libraries, operating with limited resources, to the largest libraries and consortia with millions of items and a high-volume of transactions.

Deliver excellent services that enhance user experience

The Ex Libris ILS platforms enable your library to deliver the experience and services required to keep up with escalating user expectations. Ex Libris ILS systems provide extensive self-service options for ordering materials and managing user accounts.

Built-in integration with Primo enables the library to provide users with a universal solution for the discovery and delivery of all material types, regardless of format and location.

Designed with open architectures, the Ex Libris ILS solutions allow the integration of library data into other user environments, such as university portals and virtual learning systems.

Robust multi-language (including non-Latin) capabilities ensure easy and efficient management and discovery of materials in all languages.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Ex Libris ILS solutions offer your library staff the tools they need to manage the rapidly-growing volume of material, variety of formats, and multitude of ways in which users interact with the library. 
  • A comprehensive set of modules covers every aspect of library activity, helping your library to better manage collections, improve circulation efficiency, and introduce new patron services.
  • Based on industry best-practices, built-in workflows and processes increase staff efficiency. These can be easily customized to meet unique library requirements and operational procedures. 
  • Automated routines streamline processes and free up library staff for more knowledge-intensive tasks.
  • Advanced reporting tools enable library staff to make data-driven decisions regarding the most effective use of resources, ensuring better management of collections and services.

Invest in a platform to serve current and future library needs

With a sterling twenty year track record, Ex Libris’ proven ILS solutions serve your needs today and ensure that your library is well-equipped to meet future needs.

Ex Libris offers a comprehensive solution for all aspects of the modern library, unmatched by any other software company. Clear product roadmaps based on user input and predictable release cycles ensure that Ex Libris solutions will continue to address the evolving needs of libraries, now and in the future.

Ex Libris ILS products are interoperable with other library systems, allowing your institution the freedom to deploy a combination of best-of-breed solutions without being locked into a proprietary architecture.

Scalable ILS solutions, successfully used by libraries and consortia of all sizes across the globe, reflect the fact that Ex Libris understands that your library never stops growing. 

Partner with a leading vendor committed to the success of academic and research libraries

Supporting the largest installed based of academic, research, and national libraries worldwide, Ex Libris is committed to continuing its tradition of collaborating with customers to develop solutions that meet the real needs of the ever-evolving library.

Implementation and support of industry standards--throughout the Ex Libris product line--reflect Ex Libris’ compliance with key library initiatives and its active contribution to the organizations that develop them.

26 regional service organizations support over 4,400 customers worldwide in the language of their choice and in their time zone.  This ensures that your solutions are successfully implemented and utilized to their full potential.

Multiple deployment options including Software as a Service (SaaS) provide the flexibility to meet the needs of libraries with varying technical resources.

Extensive implementation and deployment services are available to ensure that your migration to the Ex Libris ILS is done on time, on budget, and with minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

As an Ex Libris customer, you are part of an active user community that provides ongoing input into future development and a forum for knowledge exchange among user libraries.

To find out more about Aleph or Voyager for your library, please contact your local Ex Libris office or distributor.

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