Open Discovery Initiative Conformance

Ex Libris focuses on providing an intuitive and effective discovery experience, offering users the most relevant content and search results.
We are pleased to publically support the recommendations of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Open Discovery Initiative (ODI), with the objective of promoting collaboration and transparency among content and discovery providers.
Ex Libris has no bias toward any platform or vendor. Specifically, we adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Content neutrality – Ex Libris remains unaffiliated with any particular publisher or content aggregator. The ranking of search results, linking to content, inclusion of materials in Primo Central, and discovery of open access content all uphold the principles of content neutrality.
  • Non-exclusivity – Ex Libris does not have exclusive agreements with information providers.
  • Scope of data indexed – Ex Libris strives to always index comprehensive metadata (including subject headings and keywords), abstracts and full text, where these are available.
In compliance with the recommended practices published by NISO’s ODI, please find our ODI conformance checklist below:
Discovery Service provides content listing for library customers
Ex Libris provides a collection level list. A title level lists is planned to be introduced in a future release
Discovery Service does not discriminate among
Content Providers contributing to the service.
Mechanisms are offered to enable libraries to establish preferences regarding which platforms to present to users as link targets, and in what order or priority.
Discovery Service confirms with non-bias with regard to content indexed and results presented to the user. A statement in this regard is published annually.
Discovery Service uses an algorithm that is non-preferential with regard to the Content Provider for generating result sets, relevance rankings, and link order.
Link presentation associated with a given result is configurable by libraries.
A seamless link (not necessarily a full-text link) is provided from the discovery screen(s) to the A&I interface(s) utilized in the Discovery Service index.
Discovery Service provides usage metrics to content providers
Report total number of searches.
Report on result clicks.
Report on total number of click-throughs.
We provide clicks on records in general. This is mostly comprised of full text links but can also include clicks to other functions in a record
Report referrer URL identifying the Discovery Service.
Discovery Service provides usage metrics to libraries
Report on total number of searches per month.
Report on total number of unique visitors per month.
Report on total number of click-throughs per month.
Report top 500 search queries for the last period.
Report top 100 referring URLs to the Discovery Service for the last period.
To be released in August 2016
Ex Libris continues to work toward full compliance with ODI recommendations.
  • A "Y" (for Yes) in column one indicates compliance with the indicated paragraph of this Recommended Practice.
  • A "P" (for Partial) indicates partial compliance for which explanatory comments should be entered in the last column.
  • An "N" (for No) indicates that the content provider does not comply with the recommendation.
About Open Discovery Initiative
Sponsored by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), the Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) aims at defining standards and/or best practices for the new generation of library discovery services that are based on indexed search. These discovery services are primarily based upon indexes derived from journals, ebooks and other electronic information of a scholarly nature. The content comes from a range of information providers and products—commercial, open access, institutional, etc.
The Recommended Practice was created by members of the ODI Working Group, which completed its work in June 2014 with the publication of NISO RP-19-2014. The ODI Standing Committee is now responsible for support and promotion of this work going forward. To learn more about ODI conformance, visit the Open Discovery Initiative workroom and download NISO RP-19-2014.

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