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Four Things You Might Want to Know About the Open-Platform Program


The EL Commons Web site has been upgraded, the Developer Zone has gotten a new name—CodeShare—and you no longer have to log on to access customer code contributions. Check out the new, easy-to-use interface of the CodeShare site. (Click on the image to open CodeShare).


Ex Libris developers got together with developers from customer sites at two recent Developer Meets Developer forums, held in early November 2009 in Jerusalem and in early February 2010 in Chicago. Both meetings were stimulating and fruitful. The presentations are available on CodeShare, for both the November forum and the February forum.


At the beginning of November, Ex Libris launched ELympics, a competition for writers of code extensions to Ex Libris products. Valuable prizes will be awarded to the creators of the best code extensions that are submitted during the competition, which will end on March 31, 2010. The winners will be announced on May 31, 2010. For more information, go to http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/category/ELympics.


A year after its launch, EL Commons is gaining momentum. Here are some interesting statistics about the use of this collaborative site.

During November 2009, 4,513 visits to the EL Commons site were recorded and 35,717 pages were viewed (an average of 7.9 pages per visit). Unique visitors numbered 2,396 and came from 67 countries. The following chart shows the 10 countries with the greatest number of unique visits:

Excluding the entry pages, the six most popular pages of CodeShare were the Aleph code contributions page (577 visits), the Aleph open interfaces page (346 visits), the Aleph X-Services page (328 visits), the Voyager code contribution page (218 visits), the Primo open interfaces page (214), and the Voyager open interfaces page (204 visits). The presentations from the Developer Meets Developer forum that took place in November triggered 242 visits.

Another statistic that you may find interesting is that our community tends to use Firefox more than other browsers.

Since the opening of some EL Commons pages to guest users and to Web search-engine crawlers, more and more people have been reaching EL Commons through search engines. In November, direct traffic accounted for 67.45% of the visits; search engines, for 18.26%; and referring sites (sites with links to EL Commons), for 14.29%. At the beginning of January, however, direct traffic accounted for only 50.18% of the visits, whereas search engines accounted for 32.13% and referring sites, for 17.70% of the visits.