Press Releases 2007

New York University Selects ALEPH, MetaLib, and Primo by Ex Libris

Chicago, IL - December 4, 2007

Ex Libris Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary in North America

Chicago, IL - November 14, 2007

Ex Libris Celebrates Major Milestone—1500th SFX Customer

Jerusalem, Israel - November 1, 2007

Ex Libris UK Reports Major Increase in Regional Customer Base

London, UK - October 16, 2007

Ex Libris Announces Five Sites Go Live with the Primo Discovery and Delivery Solution

Jerusalem, Israel - October 9, 2007

Oxford University Goes Live with SFX

Oxford, UK - October 3, 2007

Ex Libris Announces Major MetaLib and SFX KnowledgeBase Enhancements

Jerusalem, Israel - September 2, 2007 

Ex Libris Continues to Expand the MetaLib Knowledge Base with Valuable GIDEON Research Resources

Jerusalem, Israel, and Los Angeles, CA – July 26, 2007 

Ricoh to Promote Ex Libris Digital and Electronic Library Products in Japan

Jerusalem, Israel - July 6, 2007

Two Universities in Taiwan Choose ALEPH 500 and Verde

Taipei, Taiwan - June 28, 2007 

Keio University Becomes First Ex Libris Verde Customer in Japan

Tokyo, Japan - June 21, 2007

Ex Libris and the National Library of New Zealand Sign Agreement to Develop a Product to Preserve National Cultural Heritage

Jerusalem, Israel – June 6, 2007

Ex Libris Introduces Major Enhancements to SFX A-Z List Capabilities

Jerusalem, Israel – May 31, 2007 

The Royal Library of Denmark Breaks New Ground with Primo

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 24, 2007

Ex Libris Group Reports the Release of ARC Version 2.0

Jerusalem, Israel – May 17, 2007

Robert Mercer Appointed President of Ex Libris North America

Boston, MA – May 8, 2007 

Ex Libris Launches the Primo Discovery and Delivery Solution

Jerusalem, Israel - May 1, 2007

ALEPH 500 Speeds into Production at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Verona, Italy - April 26, 2007

Israel College of Management Chooses SFX and MetaLib to Meet Academic Needs

Jerusalem, Israel – April 19, 2007

Chinese Chongqing Library Selects ALEPH 500

Beijing, China—April 12, 2007

Voyager to Power New Law Enforcement Library

Newton MA – April 5, 2007

Ex Libris Customers Contribute to a Successful MetaLib 4.0 Product Launch

Jerusalem, Israel – March 29, 2007

L’Universite du Quebec choisit ALEPH 500

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Newton, MA- le 22 mars 2007 

Universite du Quebec Chooses ALEPH 500

Newton, MA– March 22, 2007 

ALEPH 500 Continues to Be Adopted by European Union Institutions

Brussels, Belgium—March 15, 2007

Iowa State University Selects SFX, MetaLib, Verde, and Primo

Newton, MA—March 8, 2007

Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel, and Edinburgh, Scotland—March 1, 2007

Tomas Bata University Library Converts to ALEPH 500

Zlin, Czech Republic - February 20, 2007

Purdue University Selects MetaLib and SFX

Newton, MA - February 13, 2007 

Reach Out and Discover with MetaLib Version 4.00

Jerusalem, Israel - February 8, 2007 

University of Mannheim Library Graduates to ALEPH 500

Mannheim, Germany - February 1, 2007 

General Data Business to represent Ex Libris in Greece

Jerusalem, Israel - January 25, 2007

Ex Libris Announces Primo Charter Members Program

Newton, MA - January 17, 2007 

Chilean Public Libraries Select Ex Libris Library Solutions

Santiago, Chile - January 16, 2007

University of Crete Library Chooses SFX for Creating an Integrated Digital Environment

Heraklion, Crete - 4 January, 2007

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