Press Releases 2009

The National Academic Library Information System in Bulgaria Selects a Suite of Ex Libris Solutions

Hamburg, Germany – December 21, 2009

Ex Libris Announces Library Partners for Primo Central

Jerusalem, Israel – December 15, 2009

Purdue University Libraries Joins the Ex Libris Next-Generation Library Framework as the Fourth Development Partner

Jerusalem, Israel – December 1, 2009

International Primo Sites Exceed 200

Jerusalem, Israel – November 25, 2009

The Bavarian State Library Selects the Rosetta Digital Preservation System and Establishes a Strategic Partnership with Ex Libris for Long Term Preservation

Hamburg, Germany – November 18, 2009

ELympics—the Ex Libris Open-Platform Competition

Jerusalem, Israel – November 9, 2009

Utah Academic Library Consortium Chooses Ex Libris Primo for Digital Collection Discovery

Chicago, IL – November 4, 2009

bX Accelerates Research and Learning

Jerusalem, Israel – October 22, 2009

Ex Libris Announces New International e-Product Solution Sales

Jerusalem, Israel – October 12, 2009

The Open University of Hong Kong Chooses a Suite of Ex Libris Products

Singapore – October 5, 2009

DigiTool Goes Live at the National Library of Luxembourg

Hamburg, Germany – September 24, 2009

The University of Amsterdam Goes Live with Aleph

Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 8, 2009

Swinburne University of Technology Transitions to Ex Libris Product Suite to Meet Future Challenges

Adelaide, Australia – August 4, 2009

Ex Libris Expands its European Organization with a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Italy

Verona, Italy – July 14, 2009

Ex Libris Partners with EBSCO Publishing to Offer Primo Users Online Access to Authoritative Electronic Journals via Primo Central

Jerusalem, Israel – July 9, 2009

Ex Libris Adds Centralized Index of Scholarly e-Content for the Primo Community

Jerusalem, Israel – July 9, 2009

Ex Libris Announces Growth of the Primo International Customer Base

Jerusalem, Israel – July 7, 2009

Ex Libris Announces Development Partners for its Next-Generation Library Framework

Jerusalem, Israel – July 6, 2009

Continued Momentum for Voyager with the Release of Version 7.1

Jerusalem, Israel – June 25, 2009

Ex Libris Announces New Worldwide Integrated Library System Sales

Jerusalem, Israel – June 4, 2009

NBD Biblion in the Netherlands Selects Primo and Aleph by Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel – May 27, 2009

Ex Libris bX Brings Web 2.0 Usage-Based Recommender Services to the Scholarly World

Chicago, IL – May 5, 2009

Ex Libris Launches Blogs to Present Its New Initiatives and Offer Commentary on Library Automation

Jerusalem, Israel – May 3, 2009

Ex Libris Announces the Release of MetaLib Version 4.3

Jerusalem, Israel – March 30, 2009

Ex Libris and BCR Partner to Offer Digital Preservation Training and Consulting Services

Chicago, Illinois – March 12, 2009

The National Library of New Zealand Selects Primo from Ex Libris

Singapore – March 9, 2009

Ex Libris Announces the Release of Aleph Version 20.0

Jerusalem, Israel – March 2, 2009

The TriUniversity Group of Libraries Goes Live with the Primo Discovery and Delivery Solution from Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel – February 23, 2009

Over 150-Strong, the Worldwide Ex Libris Primo Community Continues to Expand

Jerusalem, Israel – February 11, 2009

Ex Libris Collaborates on the EU-funded PrestoPrime Project to Make AudioVisual Media Accessible Over Time

Jerusalem, Israel – January 25, 2009

The University of Utah and the College of Eastern Utah Select Aleph and Primo

Jerusalem, Israel – January 23, 2009

Ex Libris Announces bX Web 2.0 Usage-Based Scholarly Recommendation Services

Jerusalem, Israel – January 22, 2009

The Ex Libris Rosetta Charter Program Swings into Action

Jerusalem, Israel – January 19, 2009

The UNILINC Library Network in Australia Selects Primo by Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel – January 13, 2009

Ex Libris Group Announces the General Release of its Digital Preservation System

Jerusalem, Israel – January 8, 2009

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