Ex Libris Acquisition of oMbiel: FAQ

On April 29, 2015, Ex Libris Group and oMbiel Ltd. signed an agreement for the acquisition of oMbiel by Ex Libris. oMbiel is now a new business unit in Ex Libris Group, focused on mobile campus solutions.
General Information
Ex Libris is a leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for the management and discovery of the full spectrum of library materials in higher education and national libraries. In close collaboration with its customers, Ex Libris develops creative solutions that greatly enhance the user experience and enable libraries to maximize productivity and efficiency.
Led by President and CEO Matti Shem Tov, the company is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. To serve its customer base of more than 5,500 institutions in over 90 countries, Ex Libris has offices in 11 countries, distributors in another 12 countries, and 560 employees worldwide. The main Ex Libris products are the Alma library management service, Rosetta digital preservation system, Primo discovery and delivery solution, SFX scholarly linking service, Aleph and Voyager integrated library systems, and Leganto reading-list solution. Most of these products are now deployed in the cloud and serviced through data centers in the United States, the Netherlands, and Singapore. For more information, go to www.exlibrisgroup.com.
oMbiel is a leading UK-based provider of mobile campus solutions. Its flagship product, campusM, has been deployed at numerous first-rate UK universities, many of which are Ex Libris customers (including UCL, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Kingston University, King’s College London, Imperial College London, Lancaster University, the University of Sheffield, Coventry University and more). campusM is also in use at a number of institutions in continental Europe, North America, Australia, and South Africa.
campusM™ is a SaaS platform on which universities can create a unified digital experience delivered through native apps and web portals. The platform provides students with branded and personalized services in several areas:
  • Learning-related services, including an app with students’ class schedules and activities, showing locations and class assignments; a course app, enabling students to view and download course materials and see their grades; and a library app, enabling students to look at their library account information, search the library catalog, reserve materials, and renew loans
  • Administrative services, such as campus maps and directories, transportation schedules, and notices of computer availability
  •  Lifestyle and social services, such as an app that displays upcoming sports events and makes it possible to order tickets
Based on open standards and easily integrated with many types of data sources in  university systems, campusM enables institutions to provide academic, administrative, and social services applicable to the entire student life cycle—prospective, admitted, enrolled, and graduating students, as well as alumni and other audiences.
What is the rationale for this acquisition?
Ex Libris is a leading global provider of cloud-based library solutions in higher education. The company’s global success with thousands of university customers, its advanced technology, and its cloud operations and infrastructure put it in an excellent position to offer more services to the higher-education sector.
Mobile campus solutions are a natural extension for Ex Libris because they focus on two key aspects of our strategy that are important to higher education: promoting student engagement and improving the user’s digital (and mobile) experience. 
Student engagement is increasingly important as institutions compete for enrollment on a global basis. This competition is driven partly by changes in the funding structure of higher education and partly by its rising costs, which are subject to the ever-growing scrutiny of prospective students and their parents.
The joining of Ex Libris and oMbiel brings together two thriving companies with similar cultures and values. Both share a passion for innovation and a commitment to developing and delivering customer-driven software. Both companies value integrity, customer focus and collaboration, innovation, leadership, operational excellence, teamwork, and a dynamic work environment.
The synergy between the talented teams of both companies will bring added benefits to customers and to the continued development of the combined company’s products.
How will the joining of Ex Libris and oMbiel benefit oMbiel customers?
Ex Libris, with its financial strength and a proven, long-term track record of growth, exceptional innovation, and close collaboration with institutions of higher education, will enable campusM to grow substantially in terms of both product development and market reach.
With the global scale and resources of Ex Libris, campusM will be able to expand its reach internationally, making inroads into additional countries and regions.
The oMbiel team will now constitute the Mobile Campus Solutions business unit, which will manage the ongoing development and support of campusM. This business unit will maintain its focus on delivering mobile solutions for academic institutions. campusM will benefit from synergy with the other Ex Libris solutions and from Ex Libris Group’s extensive global cloud operations.
How will the joining of Ex Libris and oMbiel benefit Ex Libris customers?
campusM is the leading UK provider of mobile solutions for campuses. Ex Libris plans to leverage the campusM mobile technology and know-how to extend and strengthen mobile services for libraries.
Ex Libris expects that its synergy with oMbiel will translate into exciting new opportunities for libraries.
oMbiel will become a new business unit, Mobile Campus Solutions, within Ex Libris Group and will continue to operate under the leadership of Hugh Griffiths, founder of oMbiel and its CEO until the acquisition. Mr. Griffiths, as vice president for mobile campus solutions, will join the executive management team and will report to Matti Shem Tov, Ex Libris president and CEO. The business unit will retain its organizational structure, with customer contacts unchanged.
David Stephenson will continue to lead campusM sales in Europe and will help drive campusM sales in the other regions.
We will be evaluating ways in which the new business unit can benefit from leveraging Ex Libris technologies, cloud infrastructure and operations, support systems, and other administrative systems.
oMbiel will become the Ex Libris Mobile Campus Solutions business unit. There are currently two other business units: Resource Discovery and Resource Management.
Interaction between the Ex Libris business units is frequent and effective, with well-defined, proven processes. The new Mobile Campus Solutions business unit will similarly benefit from such interaction, including the deployment of common practices across the business units as well as the cross-pollination of ideas and technologies.  
A goal of the merger is to retain oMbiel’s domain expertise. The oMbiel management team and employees will continue pursuing excellence in mobile campus solutions. The unit’s development center, support team, and delivery organization will remain in Wolverhampton, UK.
Business Continuity
The acquisition will have no impact on oMbiel’s customers. The oMbiel staff, now members of the Ex Libris Mobile Campus Solutions unit, will provide customer support and other services in the same format as previously. Ex Libris strongly believes in campusM and its strategic value to the institution and is very excited about continuing to grow it, extending its innovative services, and introducing it into new regions and markets.
Yes. oMbiel customers should continue to use existing oMbiel contacts for support and professional services.
The acquisition will have no impact on Ex Libris customers. We expect, over time, to find opportunities to leverage campusM mobile technology and know-how to extend and strengthen mobile services for libraries.
To learn more about campusM for your institution, please contact us at campusM_info@exlibrisgroup.com.
No. All agreements, as well as products and service offerings, remain in effect without any interruption.