Linked Open Data in Primo

Primo supports linked data in a number of ways. As a discovery tool, Primo can supply useful URIs that support enriched, linked data services outside the context of a discovery interface. Ex Libris thereby allows applications to use Primo record information within their local interfaces. More Primo data (for example, relationships calculated by Primo) will be exposed as accessible URIs.
Primo will also continue to make metadata that has been enriched with linked data available via web services. Existing linked data APIs will be enriched and enhanced, and new web services will be provided.

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Linking from Primo Records to Related Resources

As vehicles for supplying linked data services as part of the discovery experience, Primo will provide such services to researchers who use either interface for discovery. As such, Primo will display links, data, and services based on harvested URIs and will enrich the discovered content to make use of linked data. Some of these services will rely on the maturity of publishers’ harvested linked data information.
Primo will leverage harvested linked data from source systems that contain URIs into dedicated fields within their records. Patron discovery will be enhanced by connecting the discovery interface and external linked data sources. For example, Primo will harvest linked data URIs that are calculated by Alma. It will then be able to link to third-party applications and databases, such as the Library of Congress, VIAF, GND, and GeoNames.
In addition, Primo will seamlessly enrich the user interface with information related to discovered records without forcing users to follow a link out to a third-party system. This capability will enable the library to leverage information held externally and present users with rich metadata and information that lie beyond the library catalog. Related to aspects such as location, subject, or author, such information could prove valuable to a user’s research, extending the scope of research to additional works.

Two Examples of Linked Data in Primo

Below are two examples that demonstrate how linked data can enhance the discovery experience.
In the first screenshot, Primo displays information retrieved from the Library of Congress after linked data URIs calculated by Alma were harvested into Primo and then used to enrich the results.
Linked Data in Primo
The second screenshot is a mock-up of a Primo window that shows information retrieved from VIAF about selected co-authors and other works by the same author.

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Linked Data White Paper

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Linked Data White Paper

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