Alma 101:An Overview and Demonstration of our Unified Resource Management System
Thursday, February 5th @ 3:00PM EST (8:00pm GMT)

Wednesday, February 18th @ 3PM EST


Customer Stories - Alma library management solution

What's holding back the future of your library?

To find out more about how Alma can transform your library's operations and collection management, register here to view videos in which leaders from academic libraries describe their experience of implementing and using Alma.


Customer Stories - Primo discovery and delivery solution

Find out how Primo can revolutionize your users' discovery experience

Register here to find out more about the Primo discovery and delivery solution and to receive a complete pack of Primo information resources and videos.   


Rosetta Resources and Videos

Every institution has its own story - Preserve Yours!

Register here to find out more about the Rosetta digital management and preservation solution  and to receive videos, case studies, and further information.


Annual Product Update Webinars 2014

The product update webinar series for 2014 has now ended. Please register here to receive the recordings (available to Ex Libris customers only).

You will receive the recordings of the Alma, Primo, Rosetta, Aleph, and Voyager webinars.  If you are looking for just one recording, please send an email to productupdates@exlibrisgroup.com  


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