A Day in the Life of Alma: An Ongoing Series Looking at all Alma has to Offer
A Day in the Life of Alma: Cataloging
Marliese Thomas (Ex Libris)
Rosetta Webinar: A Look at Digital Preservation
The Four Dimensions of Scalable Digital Preservation
Adi Alter (Ex Libris)


Primo Open Access Webinar

The webinar has taken place. Please click here to receive the recording.

Join us to learn more about open access materials in Primo, personalized search results, and enriching the discovery experience. Register here to receive the recording of this webinar that took place in February, 2013. The webinar was presented by Tamar Sadeh, director of marketing, and Rikki Trachtenberg, product manager.


21st Century Library Services from Ex Libris

The webinar series has now ended. Please click here to receive the recordings.

  • Alma Analytics: The Power of Usage Data in Library Services - 30 May, 2012
  • The Rosetta Complete Preservation System - 12 June, 2012
  • Enhancing the user experience with Primo Version 4 - 3 July, 2012
  • Getting to Know Alma Better: Patron-Driven Acquisition - 11 July, 2012
  • bX Usage-Based Services - 18 July, 2012


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