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The library continues to play a significant role in research, as more resources are available from more places than ever before. For the best research results, you have to keep pace with users’ ever-changing expectations and behaviors, by delivering a modern, comprehensive, and reliable discovery experience.
Summon is a compelling starting point for researchers of all experience levels. Beyond simultaneous searches across your collection, it simplifies access to your resources, connects researchers to librarians, and more. With Summon you can create stronger relationships with those who use your library, fulfill their needs, and help them achieve greater research success.
Designed for Researchers and Libraries
Summon exposes library collections and engages researchers. It provides a single unified search experience across print books, ebooks, journals, newspapers, video, images, research guides, and more, drawn from a consolidated index of pre-harvested content optimized for discovery.
Summon goes beyond a coherent and comprehensive search of your print and electronic collections. You can tailor the discovery experience to highlight specific subject specialists, promote extended resources, and increase resource sharing and collaboration.
With Summon, libraries can:
  • Improve discovery of library resources
  • Deliver simple, fast and reliable access to content
  • Embed research assistance into discovery
  • Make research more compelling
Summon is designed around four principles to both meet researcher needs and improve your library’s role in the research process:
  • Extensive and Reliable Coverage Get the best collection coverage, without preferential treatment, enabling researchers to find and access what’s in your collection – no matter the provider.
  • Democratic Discovery and Access Enable universal discovery and access to the most relevant results across your collection, without provider influence or bias.
  • Embedded Librarianship Take advantage of new opportunities to deliver library services and create stronger relationships with researchers.
  • Simplified Administration Launch, customize, maintain and optimize Summon with ease, so you can focus on what really needs your attention.

As you dig deeper and learn more, you will find that Summon becomes an extension of your library’s overall service mission, facilitating knowledge transfer and research assistance.

Contact us today to explore the ways Summon can help your library deliver a superior delivery experience and maximize the value of library collections.

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