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Ex Libris offers data-based solutions and services to more than 4,900 libraries around the world*. A leading provider of library software to academic, research, and national libraries, Ex Libris offers a comprehensive product suite to manage and provide access to electronic, print, and digital materials.

Information discovery and delivery and context-sensitive linking are facilitated through the Ex Libris Primo Central mega-index of scholarly publications and the Ex Libris knowledge base center, connecting the library subscription data with the global information landscape of databases, journal articles, e-books, and more. Thereby, Ex Libris solutions enable libraries to efficiently manage their e-collections and provide these collections to users in an optimal manner.

Many of your customers are our customers, too. Once you make your content available to them through the Ex Libris data services, you help millions of scholars—learners and researchers—find and access your content easily and effectively.   

Join the industry’s leading publishers and aggregators that have already partnered with Ex Libris to ensure the integration of their content into the scholars’ workplace. Choose the kind of partnership that you want to establish with us and with scholars around the world.

You may already be working with us in some areas. Contact us today to make sure that your content is optimally integrated with Ex Libris solutions and services.

By joining with Ex Libris:

  • You increase your content’s exposure to scholars
  • You drive more traffic to your Web site, with scholars linking directly to your materials, and thus extend the reach of your services
  • You retain control of the delivery of the full text to your subscribers

Ex Libris is a content-neutral organization and handles your content in full recognition of your rights and to the benefit of our mutual customers.

With the help of our dedicated data services team, your data is integrated quickly and easily with our services. The team helps maintain access to your content as it grows and as you develop your own services.

Read more about our publisher program for the Primo Central index, and contact us to learn how Ex Libris solutions can help increase access to your valuable content.

*The world’s top 20 universities in the 2010 Times Higher Education World University rankings are all Ex Libris customers, as are 39 of the top 50 North American universities, 37 of the top 50 European universities, and 30 of the top 50 Asia Pacific universities. In total, over 70% of the universities on the top 200 list are Ex Libris customers.

Find out more about the Primo Central Index , and view the Primo Central Plain and Simple video.

Primo Central Index, underlying the Primo discovery and delivery solution, indexes the content of hundreds of millions of scholarly publications, such as journal articles, e-books, conference proceedings, and dissertations offered by primary and secondary publishers and aggregators. Through a single, intuitive search interface, Primo enables users to discover these global and regional materials and facilitates their delivery from the publisher’s site in accordance with institutional license agreements.

Ex Libris Alma supports the full range of library operations for the entire spectrum of materials—electronic, print, and digital—regardless of the materials’ format or location. With its unique Community Zone, Alma enables libraries to share high-quality metadata, while the solution’s cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment helps libraries streamline their resource-management processes.

The SFX OpenURL link resolver generates context-sensitive links to services, including the provision of the library-subscribed copy of scholarly materials published electronically. Aggregation of title and coverage information about the institutional holdings as well as configuration data enable SFX to generate links to the full text at the publisher’s site.

The MetaLib metasearch system enables library users to simultaneously search in heterogeneous information resources, such as scholarly databases. Configuration data that uses standard or publisher-specific search-and-retrieve protocols facilitates MetaLib “just-in-time” searches in the search targets.