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The mobile web is everywhere. From the world’s leading social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, to leading brands such as ebay and Amazon, all have come to realize that a mobile interface ensures greater accessibility of their products and resources together with higher quality service.

Over the last few years, a rapidly increasing number of library users are accessing library collections via their mobile devices.

Primo on your mobile - your library in the palm of your hand

Primo's mobile interface enables your users to search your entire library’s collection— books, e-books, print and electronic articles, digital media, and other types of resources—directly from their mobile device.

Using a simple mobile web interface, your users can search for library content when they are off-site or out of usual opening hours.

Users who are searching in Primo on their computer can send the item number, via SMS, to their mobile device, and access the material later on at the library. No PC needed.

Enabling Primo discovery & delivery via mobile means round the clock access to your library.

To get more information and take your library mobile today, please contact your local Ex Libris office or distributor.


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