Primo Provides One-Stop Discovery and Delivery for Shanghai Jiao Tong University

With the proliferation of electronic resources and library users’ growing expectations of speedy access to electronic scholarly materials, the existing library systems at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) could no longer meet the needs of library staff and users.OURExplore, powered by Primo, together with a whole suite of Ex Libris solutions, provides SJTU librarians with a set of comprehensive tools to manage and expose the library’s rich collections.


Future Ready Discovery and Delivery at the NALIS Foundation

Member organizations of the NALIS Foundation network were dealing with huge increases in the volume of electronic and digital resources available, leading to multiple and complex search routes for users. With its responsibility to lead the academic and library information fields in Bulgaria, the NALIS Foundation decided to seek out a solution for enabling smooth access to the full spectrum of its members’ resources.


ETH–Bibliothek's vast catalogue and databases, together with thousands of electronic journals, digital repositories, and e-books, provided a wealth of information in a complex environment. The library required a powerful discovery and delivery solution that would provide one-stop access.


With holdings of over three million volumes, approximately 30,000 serials and journals, and a unique compilation of digital content, Vanderbilt University needed a powerful integrated discovery and delivery tool that would provide easy access to its vast collections.


Primo Boosts Information Literacy at the University of Bridgeport 

“One of the important goals at the University of Bridgeport,” explains University of Bridgeport president Neil A. Salonen, “is to create an information-literate student body. Our academic deans and librarians selected Primo, along with MetaLib, and SFX, as an intuitive entry point for our learning community to discover scholarly content.”

Primo Provides One-Stop Discovery and Delivery for the Royal Library of Denmark

The Royal Library of Denmark is a renowned institution whose multiple functions place it at the center of all library-related activity in the country. As Denmark’s national library, the institution is in charge of the country’s cultural heritage collections and serves as the legal deposit for all of its published works.