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University of the Sunshine Coast Selects Ex Libris Cloud Solutions

Adelaide, Australia—April 22, 2015

Singapore Institute of Management Goes Live with Ex Libris Alma

Singapore—March 19, 2015

State Library of Queensland is Live with Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—March 10, 2015.

University of Haifa Selects Ex Libris Alma

Jerusalem, Israel—January 20, 2015.

The State Library of New South Wales Selects Ex Libris and Axiell Solutions

Adelaide, Australia—December 4, 2014.

State Library of Queensland Selects Ex Libris Rosetta

Adelaide, Australia—November 24, 2014

Ex Libris Alma and Primo Selected by Victoria University of Wellington

Adelaide, Australia—November 12, 2014.

La Trobe University Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo

Adelaide, Australia—June 23, 2014.

Lincoln University in New Zealand Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo

Adelaide, Australia, and Christchurch, New Zealand—June 9, 2014.

Bond University Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo

Adelaide, Australia—June 2, 2014.

Unitec Institute of Technology Selects Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—May 8, 2014.

University of Western Australia Selects Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—March 24, 2014

The University of Auckland Selects Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—January 21, 2014

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo

Adelaide, Australia—November 20, 2013

Ex Libris Alma Promotes Success at RMIT University

Adelaide, Australia—July 23, 2013

Seoul National University Selects Ex Libris Alma

Singapore—July 11, 2013

Institutions in Australia and New Zealand Migrate to Ex Libris Primo

Adelaide, Australia—June 19, 2013.

Ex Libris Alma Goes Live at Swinburne University of Technology

Adelaide, Australia—April 29, 2013

Ex Libris Selects Basis Technology for Chinese Analysis

Cambridge, Mass., and Jerusalem, Israel—March 13, 2013

Macquarie University Selects Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—February 4, 2013

University of Adelaide’s Barr Smith Library selects Ex Libris Primo

Adelaide, Australia—January 17, 2013

Ex Libris Announces Numerous Primo Sales Around the World

Jerusalem, Israel—December 10, 2012.

Curtin University in Australia Selects Ex Libris Alma for Unified Resource Management

 Adelaide, Australia—November 19, 2012

Ex Libris and the Australian National Data Service Expand Access to Research Data

Jerusalem, Israel—September 12, 2012

State Library of Queensland Selects Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—June 18, 2012

Ex Libris Primo Central Index to Cover More Informit Content

Jerusalem, Israel—April 2, 2012

Ex Libris Alma is the Next-Gen Library Service of Choice for Academic Libraries in Australia and New Zealand

Adelaide, Australia—February 6, 2012

Japan’s National Diet Library Goes Live with Aleph

Singapore—January 31, 2012

Content from Chongqing VIP Information Company to Be Included in the Ex Libris Primo Central Index

Beijing, China—August 18, 2011

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Library Selects Primo and Its Central Index

Singapore—July 27, 2011

Archives New Zealand (Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga) Selects the Ex Libris Rosetta Digital Preservation System

Jerusalem, Israel—May 2, 2011

Seven Early Adopters Select URM from Ex Libris for Next-Generation Library Services

Jerusalem, Israel and Adelaide, Australia—November 4, 2010

Monash University Library Selects Primo and Primo Central from Ex Libris

Adelaide, Australia –  May 6, 2010

Primo Customer Base in Australia Continues to Expand

Adelaide, Australia—December 14, 2010

Two More Chinese Universities Select Ex Libris Products

Beijing, China - April 27, 2006

ALEPH 500 Version 18 Delivers Powerful New Functionality for Patrons and Library Staff

Jerusalem, Israel - March 8, 2006

Petros Demetriou Appointed as Managing Director, Ex Libris Australia

Adelaide, Australia - November 27, 2006 

Francisco Partners to Acquire Endeavor Information Systems from Elsevier

Menlo Park, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Jerusalem - November 21, 2006

Senior Management Changes at Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel – January 31, 2006 

ScienceDirect and Scopus Now Enabled for MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel – January 30, 2006 

Nancy Dushkin Joins Ex Libris as VP of Marketing

Jerusalem, Israel - November 15, 2006  

Periodical Portal of the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) Goes Live with MetaLib and SFX

Chicago, IL—January 7, 2010

The Open University of Hong Kong Chooses a Suite of Ex Libris Products

Singapore – October 5, 2009

Swinburne University of Technology Transitions to Ex Libris Product Suite to Meet Future Challenges

Adelaide, Australia – August 4, 2009

Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel, and Edinburgh, Scotland—March 1, 2007

Ex Libris Integrates the Vivisimo Velocity Clustering Engine into MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel – June 12, 2006

The UNILINC Library Network in Australia Selects Primo by Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel – January 13, 2009

Reach Out and Discover with MetaLib Version 4.00

Jerusalem, Israel - February 8, 2007 

The National Library of New Zealand Selects Primo from Ex Libris

Singapore – March 9, 2009

University of Melbourne to Unify its Electronic Resources with MetaLib, SFX and DigiTool

Melbourne, Australia - March 1, 2005

Ex Libris and Francisco Partners Complete Acquisition of Endeavor Information Systems

Jerusalem, London and Menlo Park, CA - December 22, 2006

The Japanese Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Research Information Center Grows with MetaLib and SFX

Tokyo, Japan - February 8, 2005 

The Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Selects ALEPH 500

Guangzhou, China - January 4, 2005

The Ex Libris Digital Preservation System Goes Live at the National Library of New Zealand

Jerusalem, Israel and Wellington, New Zealand – November 4, 2008

ALEPH 500 and ALEPH Reporting Center to Shih Hsin University Library Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan - December 15, 2005 

Einat Zviran Joins Ex Libris as VP Development

Jerusalem, Israel – May 31, 2006

Tsinghua University Library of China Chooses SFX, MetaLib, and Verde

Beijing, China - December 7, 2005

DigiTool Version 3—the Enterprise Solution for Institutional Repositories—Enters Beta Testing Stage

Jerusalem, Israel — June 22, 2005 

Chinese Chongqing Library Selects ALEPH 500

Beijing, China—April 12, 2007

The Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Higher Education (CAPES) Selects MetaLib to Power Its Virtual Library

Jerusalem, Israel – September 29, 2008

Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel - November 1, 2006

Ex Libris Group Reports the Release of ARC Version 2.0

Jerusalem, Israel – May 17, 2007

National Library of China Selects MetaLib and SFX

Beijing, China - March 7, 2005

Ex Libris Introduces Major Enhancements to SFX A-Z List Capabilities

Jerusalem, Israel – May 31, 2007 

Ex Libris and Cambridge University Press Announce the Integration of MetaLib and Cambridge Journals Online

Jerusalem, Israel - September 14, 2006

Ex Libris Australia Announces Several New Primo Sales

Adelaide, Australia – September 2, 2008

Ex Libris Launches the Primo Discovery and Delivery Solution

Jerusalem, Israel - May 1, 2007

NDSL to Provide SFX Linking Services to Korean Institutions

Jerusalem, Israel - September 7, 2006 

Forty-one Members of the Israeli Colleges Consortium Choose ALEPH 500

Jerusalem, Israel - May 9, 2005

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Chooses SFX and MetaLib

Daejeon, Korea – August 17, 2006 

Israel College of Management Chooses SFX and MetaLib to Meet Academic Needs

Jerusalem, Israel – April 19, 2007

University of Haifa Library Selects Primo, Making Israel the 15th Country to Adopt the Ex Libris Discovery and Delivery Solution

Jerusalem, Israel — August 31, 2008

The State Library of Queensland, Australia Chooses Primo by Ex Libris

Adelaide, Australia – June 26, 2008

Two More Beijing Universities Select ALEPH 500, MetaLib, and SFX

Beijing, China - August 9, 2006

Ex Libris Customers Contribute to a Successful MetaLib 4.0 Product Launch

Jerusalem, Israel – March 29, 2007

Ex Libris to be Acquired by Francisco Partners

Jerusalem, Israel – July 26, 2006

Ex Libris Continues to Expand the MetaLib Knowledge Base with Valuable GIDEON Research Resources

Jerusalem, Israel, and Los Angeles, CA – July 26, 2007 

The Fourth "Group of 8" University selects MetaLib and SFX

Adelaide, Australia - July 14, 2005 

Institutions in Asia Continue to Adopt Ex Libris Solutions

Jerusalem, Israel - February 14, 2008

Ricoh to Promote Ex Libris Digital and Electronic Library Products in Japan

Jerusalem, Israel - July 6, 2007

Ex Libris and the Beijing Normal University Establish a Joint Training Center in China

Beijing, China - December 22, 2005

Two Universities in Taiwan Choose ALEPH 500 and Verde

Taipei, Taiwan - June 28, 2007 

Keio University Becomes First Ex Libris Verde Customer in Japan

Tokyo, Japan - June 21, 2007

Ex Libris and the National Library of New Zealand Sign Agreement to Develop a Product to Preserve National Cultural Heritage

Jerusalem, Israel – June 6, 2007

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