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Letter from the CEO


Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the fourteenth issue of the Ex Librian newsletter. Much of this issue highlights the way in which Ex Libris is embracing cloud computing to complement its traditional, locally hosted offerings.
Now celebrating its silver anniversary, Ex Libris is known not only as a company that demonstrates steady and impressive growth in its product offerings and customer community but also as an organization that adapts to the changes that characterize our era and particularly our industry. More often than not, Ex Libris anticipates future needs and harnesses the Company’s teams to explore them and develop the right solution in time. Our heavy investment in research and development has gained us the reputation of an industry leader.
There is no doubt in my mind that recent global changes—such as the economic crisis that hit most of the world and thereafter most libraries; technological advances, such as the availability of high-speed Internet and cloud-computing environments; and, specifically in the library domain, the evolving needs of students and researchers—are driving libraries to explore new operating models. Libraries are now considering the benefits of hosted services of various kinds, and while some libraries prefer to continue configuring and managing their systems, which may reside elsewhere, other libraries prefer to subscribe to a fully serviced offering in which the provider of the service is responsible for all aspects of the solution. The addition of these new, hosted modes of operation is also having an impact on Ex Libris: the way in which we design, develop, test, sell, implement, and support our solutions is changing.
In the last few years, Ex Libris has been working on how it can best serve libraries at this junction. In particular, Ex Libris has started leveraging the cloud-computing environment, and now some of our new offerings—the Primo Central Index of scholarly materials and the bX article recommender—are available only as centralized, cloud-based services. Our experience with providing these services to many hundreds of libraries makes us confident that the addition of new cloud-based offerings to our traditional ones will benefit many members of the customer community.
Whereas Ex Libris initially developed most of our current products as locally implemented solutions and at a later stage adapted them to a hosted environment, our next-generation library system, Alma, was conceived from the outset as a cloud-based service that will revolutionize the traditional management of library assets. Besides the considerable savings in total cost of ownership involved in the implementation of software solutions, the use of a centralized service enables libraries to easily leverage the collaborative efforts of the library community to provide yet better services for their users.
Rome was not built in a day, and the transition of libraries to a cloud-computing environment will probably take a long time. Moreover, because institutions differ in their needs, vision, and resources, many libraries are likely to carry on running their own systems. To support our huge customer base that runs our present systems, we are continuing to actively develop these systems for local deployment,  along with focusing on our new service model.
I am looking forward to an exciting 2011 and would like to wish you all a peaceful and prosperous year ahead.

Sincerely yours,
Matti Shem Tov
President and CEO