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Porter, Michael. "The five competitive forces that shape strategy" Harvard business review 86.1 (2008):138.
Kaplan, Andreas M. "Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media" Business horizons 53.1 (2010):241.
Hartnell, Chad. "Organizational Culture and Organizational Effectiveness" Journal of Applied Psychology 96.4 (2011):54.
Neuhaus, Chris. "Google Scholar Goes to School: The Presence of Google Scholar on College and University Web Sites" Journal of Academic Librarianship 34.1 (2008):370.
Cothran, Tanya. "Google Scholar acceptance and use among graduate students: A quantitative study" Library & Information Science Sesearch 33.4 (2011):377.
Carroll, Archie B. "Models of management morality for the new millennium" Business Ethics Quarterly 11.2 (2001):335.
Bargh, John A. "The internet and social life" Annual Review of Psychology 55.1 (2004):264.
Treviño, Linda Klebe. "Managing to be ethical: Debunking five business ethics myths" The Academy of Management Executive 18.2 (2004):1.
Barney, Jay. "Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage" Journal of management 17.1 (1991):210.
Stevens, Betsy. "Corporate Ethical Codes: Effective Instruments For Influencing Behavior" Journal of business ethics 78.4 (2008):677.
Carroll, Archie B. "The Four Faces of Corporate Citizenship" Business and society review 100.1 (1998):431.
Kotter, John P. "Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail" Harvard business review 85.1 (2007):137.
Neal, Terry. "The Audit Committee Oversight Process" Contemporary accounting research 26.1 (2009):60.
Hendler, James. "Web science : An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Web" Communications of the ACM 51.7 (2008):86.
Grönroos, Christian. "From marketing mix to relationship marketing: towards a paradigm shift in marketing" Management Decision 32.2 (1994):5.
Michiya, Morita. "Strategic management cycle: The underlying process building aligned linkage among operations practices" International journal of production economics 133.2 (2010):7.
Kousha, Kayvan. "Assessing the citation impact of books : The role of Google Books, Google Scholar, and Scopus" Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 62.11 (2011):35.
Torelli, Carlos J. "Culture and concepts of power" Journal of personality and social psychology 99.4 (2010):455.
Penman, Stephen H. "Financial reporting quality: is fair value a plus or a minus?" Accounting and business research 37.Special Issue (2007):53.
Danneels, Erwin. "Trying to become a different type of company: dynamic capability at Smith Corona" Strategic Management Journal 32.1 (2011):1.
Wilkie, William L. "Expanding our understanding of marketing in society" Academy of Marketing Science. Journal 40.1 (2012):689.
Goleman, Daniel. "What makes a leader?" Harvard business review 82.1 (2004):61.
Leiponen, Aija. "Location, Decentralization, and Knowledge Sources for Innovation" Organization Science 22.3 (2010):14.
Kotter, John P. "Choosing strategies for change" Harvard business review 57.2 (1979):172.
Joseph, Dana L. "Emotional intelligence: An integrative meta-analysis and cascading model" Journal of applied psychology 95.1 (2010):1.
Voronov, Maxim. "Integrating emotions into the analysis of institutional work" The Academy of Management review 37.1 (2012):153.
Tellegen, Auke. "Development and validation of brief measures of positive and negative affect: the PANAS scales" Journal of personality and social psychology 54.6 (1988):703.
Blennow, Kaj. "Alzheimer"s disease" The lancet 368.9533 (2006):68.
Norton, R S. "The balanced scorecard--measures that drive performance" Harvard business review 83.7 (2005):22.
Kaplan, Robert. "Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System" Harvard business review 85.7 (2007):78.
Cohen, Jeffrey R. "Corporate governance in the post-Sarbanes-Oxley era: Auditors’ experiences" Contemporary Accounting Research 27.3 (2010):396.
Howard, Philip. "The Role of Digital Media" Journal of Democracy 22.3 (2011):1.
Peterson, Tim O. "The ongoing legacy of R.L. Katz: An updated typology of management skills" Management decision 42.10 (2004):4.
Nonaka, Ikujiro. "A Dynamic Theory of Organizational Knowledge Creation" Organization science 5.1 (1994):43.
Amato, Paul R. "The consequences of divorce for adults and children" Journal of marriage and family 62.4 (2000):56.
Daniels, Bobbie W. "The effects of audit firm rotation on perceived auditor independence and audit quality" Research in accounting regulation 23.1 (2011):17.
Kacena, Carolyn. "JSTOR usage data and what it can tell us about ourselves" OCLC systems & services 22.1 (2006):391.
Bandura, Albert. "Self-efficacy: Toward a unifying theory of behavioral change" Psychological review 84.2 (1977):370.
Chan, Gary Kok Yew. "The relevance and value of confucianism in contemporary business ethics" Journal of business ethics 77.3 (2008):601.
Reynolds, Richard W. "Climate change: Hot questions of temperature bias" Nature 453.7195 (2008):903.
Ryan, Richard M. "Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations: Classic definitions and new directions" Contemporary educational psychology 25.1 (2000):751.
Ittner, Christopher D. "Coming up short on nonfinancial performance measurement." Harvard business review 81.11 (2003):106.
Carson, Thomas L. "Corporate Moral Agency: A Case from Literature" Journal of Business Ethics; JBE 13.2 (1994):347.
Doan, Anhai. "Crowdsourcing Systems on the World-Wide Web" Communications of the ACM 54.4 (2011):1.
Kish-Gephart, Jennifer J. "Bad Apples, Bad Cases, and Bad Barrels: Meta-Analytic Evidence About Sources of Unethical Decisions at Work" Journal of applied psychology 95.1 (2010):39.
Raineri, Andrés B. "Change management practices: Impact on perceived change results" Journal of business research 64.3 (2011):155.
Mangold, W. Glynn. "Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix" Business horizons 52.4 (2009):379.
Levitt, Theodore. "Marketing Myopia" Harvard business review 82.7 (2004):96.
"Corporate Social Responsibility" Public relations review 26.2 (2000):1 91.
Fischer, Peter. "The Bystander-Effect" Psychological bulletin 137.4 (2011):1069.
Hattie, John. "The Power of Feedback" Review of educational research 77.1 (2007):78.
Weissman M, Myrna. "Depression" Annals of epidemiology 19.4 (2009):379.
Sydow, Jörg. "Organizational path dependence: Opening the black box" Academy of Management. The Academy of Management Review 34.4 (2009):314.
Maslow, A. "A theory of human motivation" Psychological review 50.4 (1943):249.
Porter, Michael. "How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy" Harvard business review 57.2 (1979):88.
Porter, Michael. "What is strategy?" Harvard business review 74.6 (1996):150.
Achrol, Ravi S. "Frontiers of the marketing paradigm in the third millennium" Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 40.1 (2012):579.
Carcello, Joseph. "CEO Involvement in Selecting Board Members, Audit Committee Effectiveness, and Restatements" Contemporary accounting research 28.2 (2011):637.
Haniffa, Roszaini. "Corporate Governance Quality, Audit Fees and Non-Audit Services Fees" Journal of business finance & accounting 38.1-2 (2011):45.
Basson, Michael. "Cardiovascular disease" Nature 451.7181 (2008):139.
Johnson, E. "Audit-Firm Tenure and the Quality of Financial Reports" Contemporary accounting research 19.4 (2002):59.
Tversky, Amos. "Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases" Science 185.4157 (1974):81.
Schein, Edgar. "Organizational culture" The American psychologist 45.2 (1990):58.
Tadajewski, Mark. "Towards a history of critical marketing studies" Journal of marketing management 26.9-10 (2010):99.
Jensen, Michael C. "Theory of the firm: Managerial behavior, Agency costs and ownership structure" Journal of financial economics 3.4 (1976):1033.
Stillman, Tyler F. "Uncertainty, Belongingness, and Four Needs for Meaning" Psychological inquiry 20.4 (2009):517.
Gruman, Jamie A. "Performance management and employee engagement" Human resource management review 21.2 (2010):82.
Boyd, Danah M. "Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship" Journal of computer-mediated communication 13.1 (2007):165.
Wilden, Ralf. "Employer branding: strategic implications for staff recruitment" Journal of marketing management 26.1-2 (2010):17.
Power, Michael. "Auditing and the production of legitimacy" Accounting, organizations and society 28.4 (2003):33.
Ferguson, Christopher. "Video Games and Youth Violence: A Prospective Analysis in Adolescents" Journal of youth and adolescence 40.4 (2011):2147.
England, Dawn E. "Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses" Sex roles 64.7-8 (2011):1124.
Cosgrove, Denis. "Modernity, community and the landscape idea" Journal of material culture 11.1-2 (2006):1269.
Hultman, Magnus. "Export Promotion Strategy and Performance: The Role of International Experience" Journal of international marketing 19.4 (2011):305.
Allodi, Mara. "Equal Opportunities in Educational Systems: The Case of Sweden" European journal of education 42.1 (2007):2.
Rosato, Sebastian. "Europe"s Troubles: Power Politics and the State of the European Project" International security 35.4 (2011):467.
Huntingdon, Samuel. "The Clash of Civilizations" Foreign affairs 72.3 (1993):22.
Catasús, Bino. "More Peace for Less Money: Measurement and Accountability in the Swedish Armed Forces." Financial accountability & management in governments, public services, and charities 21.4 (2005):133.


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