Leganto Course Reading-List Solution

Improving the Teaching & Learning Experience

Reading lists play a major role in academic teaching and learning, as a mean of facilitating knowledge sharing and conveying the pedagogic strategy. Ex Libris Leganto provides an end-to-end solution for easy creation, management, and sharing of course reading lists. It helps you improve the teaching and learning experience, maximize the use of library collections, and save money for students and schools.
Leganto bridges the gaps between instructors, librarians, and students by creating workflows, facilitating collaboration, and integrating with the institutional environment.
Leganto for Instructors
Leganto helps instructors build reading lists that are relevant, easily accessible and interactive.
If you are an instructor, you can:
  • Create structured, annotated reading lists.
  • Add all types of materials—from the library, scholarly sources, online bookstores, or any website
  • Leverage analytics and reports to gain insight into the materials that students use.
  • Easily keep lists up to date, from year to year.
  • Explore other relevant materials through automated recommendations of related content.
  • Leave copyright compliance in the hands of the librarians.

Leganto for Librarians

Leganto strengthens the library’s involvement in, and contribution to, teaching and learning, by giving librarians the ability to better support instructors and ensure the proper use of materials.
If you are a librarian, you can:
  • Leverage your content expertise to support instructors in developing reading lists.  
  • Initiate relevant actions, such as acquiring, subscribing to, and digitizing items.
  • Provide course materials more efficiently through seamless Alma workflows.  
  • Easily scale up to support additional courses.
  • Handle copyright clearance efficiently with automated licensing permissions.
  • Analyze the use of resources to maximize the use of library collections and optimize collection development.

Leganto for Students

With Leganto, students gain easy access to all course materials on any device, through a single, intuitive user interface, seamlessly integrated with their course management system.
If you are a student, you can:
  • Collaborate and share views, feedback, and questions with classmates and instructors.  
  • Discover new materials from peers' suggestions and automated content recommendations.
  • Gather resources into a personal repository directly from discovery systems, scholarly sources, publishers’ sites, online bookstores, and other websites.

Serving the Institution

Leganto integrates seamlessly with the institutional environment, including the Ex Libris Alma® resource management solution and the Ex Libris Primo® discovery solution, as well as learning management systems, authentication tools, and a variety of other services for academic environments.

Saving Money for Students and Schools

Leganto enables schools to reduce the cost of education and support student affordability initiatives by optimizing the use of library-subscribed materials, enabling pay-per-use purchase models, and promoting the use of alternative, high-quality open educational resources.
For more on Leganto, see this solution overview.
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