bX Journal Popularity Report

The bX Journal Popularity Report (JPR) is part of the bX Usage-Based Services suite.  Based on the usage of millions of researchers from many different institutions around the world, JPR provides a list of the most used 50,000 journals in a quarter.

View here the top 50 journals for Q3 2014:

ISSN Journal
0028-0836 Nature
0036-8075 Science
0140-6736 Lancet
0028-4793 The New England journal of medicine
0017-8012 Harvard business review
1932-6203 PLoS ONE
0027-8424 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
0002-7863 Journal of the American Chemical Society
0098-7484 JAMA 
0022-3514 Journal of personality and social psychology
0277-9536 Social science & medicine
0031-4005 Pediatrics
0021-9010 Journal of applied psychology
0309-2402 Journal of advanced nursing
0092-8674 Cell
0029-6570 Nursing Standard
0028-3878 Neurology
0167-4544 Journal of business ethics
1433-7851 Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
0003-066X The American psychologist
0033-2909 Psychological bulletin
0013-936X Environmental science & technology
0195-9131 Medicine and science in sports and exercise
0363-7425 The Academy of Management review
0143-2095 Strategic Management Journal
0021-9258 Journal of biological chemistry
0001-4273 Academy of Management journal
0962-1067 Journal of clinical nursing
0148-2963 Journal of business research
0191-8869 Personality and Individual Differences
0009-4978 Choice
0003-4819 Annals of Internal Medicine
0959-8138 BMJ. British medical journal
0040-4039 Tetrahedron letters
0959-8146 BMJ. British medical journal
0956-7976 Psychological science
0002-953X The American journal of psychiatry
1361-6137 The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
0277-786X Proceedings of SPIE--the international society for optical engineering
0013-0613 The Economist
0009-3920 Child development
0003-6951 Applied physics letters
0301-4215 Energy policy
0031-9007 Physical review letters
0012-1649 Developmental psychology
0009-7322 Circulation
0022-006X Journal of consulting and clinical psychology
0002-9602 American journal of sociology
0958-5192 International journal of human resource management
0021-9606 The Journal of chemical physics

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