The Meaning of Openness & the Ex Libris-EBSCO Conversation

Discovery systems have created a new framework of business relations among industry stakeholders: libraries, information providers, and technology vendors. While in the past each stakeholder had a distinct role in the discovery ecosystem, nowadays some organizations have a dual role, which may lead to conflicts of interest. Libraries, as consumers of both content and technology, deserve to get the full value of their investment in both areas.
In recent months, EBSCO launched a campaign endorsing ILS openness. EBSCO argues that libraries should be able to integrate their ILS with any discovery system that they choose.  However, EBSCO do not reciprocate with similar openness regarding the EBSCO content licensed by libraries, and remain intransigent in their refusal to contribute their subject-index (A&I) databases to discovery services such as Primo. By not allowing their content to be fully indexed by discovery systems other than EDS, EBSCO are doing a disservice to their own library customers and are not adhering to true openness principles.
Ex Libris believes in true openness of both content and technology.
During this webinar, we will review the latest discussions on topics of openness and collaboration, examine the impact of EBSCO’s position has on libraries, and discuss what libraries can do to change this situation.
The webinar will take place twice to enable people from all regions to attend:
March 19 at 07.00 GMT (8am Berlin, 3pm Singapore): click here to register
March 19 at 15.00 GMT (4pm Berlin, 11am Boston): click here to register
If you have any questions please contact webinar.center@exlibrisgroup.com.