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The ever-increasing volume of e-resources requires the modern library to deploy new solutions for managing e-materials and providing access to them. New paradigms—differing significantly from those used in the traditional paper-driven environment—allow patrons to maximize the advantages of electronic media while providing staff with the tools to effectively manage these resources.
Ex Libris, the only library automation vendor to provide a complete solution for managing the full spectrum of library materials and processes, offers a family of e-resource products that can be used on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated system.

The Ex Libris e-product family features:

  • The MetaLib gateway and metasearch system—allows users to simultaneously search multiple databases and receive combined results in a uniform format

  • The SFX OpenURL link resolver—interconnects library-controlled resources and services, providing users with context-sensitive links to these services based on the library’s e-collections and policies

  • The Verde electronic resource management system—enables library staff to centrally manage all essential aspects of the electronic product life cycle

  • The Primo unified discovery and delivery solution—leverages SFX and MetaLib to provide users with a one-stop access point to all types of resources—electronic, digital, and print

The Ex Libris e-product family helps libraries capitalize on their e-collections by elevating the user experience, increasing staff efficiency, and establishing management processes and control.

Maximizing the User Experience

  • Users enjoy the most up-to-date collection of journals and e-books available from their institution.

  • Users search via a single, intuitive interface for e-resources from a wide range of information providers.

  • Users can immediately view full text, citations, and other retrieval options and services provided by their institutions.

Empowering Libraries with Customization and Interoperability

  • Libraries can tailor the user interfaces and services to the unique needs of specific user communities

  • Libraries can offer a single user interface for searching all material types-- electronic, digital, and print

  • Libraries can embed access points to e-resources in commonly used environments such as institutional Web sites and course management systems. These access points shorten the path to fulfillment while expanding the reach of the library’s collections to meet users where they are

Increasing Efficiency and Control

  • A centralized solution for managing e-resources and their metadata enables the library to define consistent, enforceable workflows throughout the e-resource life cycle

  •  Extensive usage and cost statistics help the library effectively optimize collection development decisions while balancing user needs and budget considerations

  • In-depth reports provide management with visibility into the full range of library e-resource information—including budget, usage statistics, and licensing permissions—via a single interface

Facilitating Integration and Collaboration

  • Extensive support for consortial needs encourages collaboration and sharing of e-resources among consortium members

  • Built-in integration with Ex Libris integrated library systems streamlines sharing of information across resource types

To find out more about E-resources solutions for your library, please contact your local Ex Libris office or distributor.

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