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Digital content has rapidly become a significant component of academic library collections. As a result, many libraries face the daunting task of organizing and managing myriad digital assets—including images, audio/video materials, and digitized texts—and efficiently sharing these assets with patrons.
To meet the challenges of the digital era, Ex Libris offers the cutting-edge DigiTool solution for digital asset management. Developed in partnership with top-tier university libraries responsible for large, heterogeneous digital collections, DigiTool is the product of choice for libraries that focus on managing, maintaining, and sharing special collections, as well as for libraries serving as institutional repositories.
Featuring modular open architecture, DigiTool provides libraries with the technology and workflows required for managing all aspects of a digital collection. Objects and associated metadata are deposited and ingested into the DigiTool repository, where they are enhanced, categorized, stored, and managed. DigiTool empowers end users to search for these assets in a variety of formats, to locate them, and to have them delivered in the most efficient fashion.
DigiTool’s future-proofing capabilities ensure that academic research information that is produced in digital formats remains available to library patrons over time.
DigiTool supports multiple administrative units, providing a single repository for institutions consisting of numerous branches or departments. DigiTool enables each constituent unit to manage and control its collections in a manner that meets the owner’s specific needs. Library patrons of all types—students, faculty, and guests—search for assets via a single interface. This interface can also be customized to correspond with the workflow requirements and look and feel of each member unit.

Orchestrating Institutional Repositories

By nature, an academic institution manages and disseminates a wide variety of digital materials created by the institution itself, by affiliated organizational entities, and by user communities. Libraries, the traditional holders and distributors of institutional knowledge, often have difficulty managing the vast quantity of diverse institutional assets that have come under their custodianship.
Using the DigiTool solution, libraries can create and manage institutional repositories with ease. The open-access platform also facilitates the sharing of scholarly information in a library’s user community. By integrating digital collections with institutional portals, e-learning systems, and other library systems, the DigiTool solution enables patrons to search and access collections from a variety of institutional entry points.

Illuminating Special Collections

Academic institutions that manage and maintain special collections must be able to upload materials quickly and easily and deliver these materials to staff and patrons in a user-friendly manner. JPEG 2000 compression and built-in object-enrichment processes such as the addition of item-descriptive thumbnails help library staff maximize the use of an institution’s special collections. The display of icons representing the types of materials contributes to an intuitive discovery experience for DigiTool end users.
DigiTool also features flexible metadata schema, such as MARC, Dublin Core, Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS), and Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS), which support the cataloging of various collection types. With the DigiTool configuration tools and open APIs, institutions can easily customize a collection’s look and feel.

Key Features

  • A standards-based system, DigiTool provides across-the-board interoperability with Ex Libris products and other institutional systems.
  • Open architecture facilitates interactivity with third-party systems.
  • A flexible structure ensures support for a range of file formats and a variety of collections.
  • Industry best practices guarantee that the system will meet current and future IT needs.
  • Collaborative development with leading academic institutions ensures that DigiTool will continue to address the requirements of the market.

To find out more about DigiTool for your library, please contact your local Ex Libris office or distributor.

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