Ex Libris Alma

The next-generation library management solution

Ex Libris Alma supports the entire suite of library operations—selection, acquisition, metadata management, digitization, and fulfillment—for the full spectrum of library materials, regardless of format or location.  

Recognizing libraries’ present and future needs, and in collaboration with diverse global partners, Ex Libris has developed the Alma next generation library management service to consolidate, optimize and extend the range of library services.

  • Consolidate: unify the disparate systems today’s libraries manage for electronic, digital, and print resources
  • Optimize: optimize workflows through shared data and collaborative services as well as a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Extend: re-direct resources to focus on extending library services within and outside their institutions in direct support of teaching and research goals

Find out about Alma Analytics, Collection Development, Integration, Resource Management in the Alma microsite.

The URM Vision

Designed not only to improve systems, but to support totally new services and initiatives, Alma and the wider URM framework deliver improved analytics that tie the value of the library and its services more closely to important institutional outcomes; expansion of metadata management and curation beyond traditional content to include research data sets; and support for joint collection development models that allow libraries to truly collaborate and thereby maximize the investment in their collections

Unified resource management: Alma supports the entire suite of library operations for print, electronic, and digital resources

Collaborative Metadata Management: Alma brings highquality, shared metadata into the resource management environment in a unique, hybrid model that balances global sharing with local needs

Smart Fulfillment: Alma provides fulfillment services to users in terms that are easy to understand, while using unified workflows and analytics capabilities to streamline and optimize fulfillment workflows

Optimized resources and data: Alma simplifies library workflows by using a unique automated business processes and shared data

Cloud-based service: Offered as a cloud service to increase the return on investment and reduce the total cost of ownership of the library’s infrastructure, and to provide access to shared data and services

Intelligent collection development: Alma allows you to maximize your collection development budget with selection, acquisitions, and evaluation processes informed by usage information, cost per use, and the holdings of peer collections.

Ex Libris open platform: Using web-based, open interfaces, Alma can be integrated seamlessly with other systems including external campus systems, and libraries can develop adapters and plug-ins to meet their institutions’ unique needs


Why your Library should choose Alma