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JAN. 20-24
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8:30 - 10:00 AM

Georgia World
Congress Center
Room A315
Your Connected Library: Openness, Integrations, and Knowledge-Sharing
Increasingly, libraries are looking for open solutions to customize day-to day-workflows and to collaborate with peer institutions. Open solutions have been especially influential in the realm of discovery. In recognition of this, Ex Libris has created an initiative to support institutions interested in open source discovery systems. Join this session to learn about current open source projects, plans to enhance and extend existing APIs, and other Ex Libris supported initiatives.
Presented by:
Jon Shaw, Director of Logistics and Access Services at the University of Pennsylvania
Andrew French, Solution Architect Manager, Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
10:30 - 11:30 AM

Marriott Marquis Atlanta
Room A703
Accelerating Innovation: A Summon and Primo Special Report
Over the past year, ProQuest and Ex Libris have come together to accelerate the innovation of advanced discovery services through Summon and Primo. The enrichment of these discovery services represents how a new, united approach can deliver more value to libraries and their users. Attend this session to understand how we are leveraging data and technology to create new avenues of resource discovery, and how one library has worked with the limited resources available to them to take advantage of these developments and make the most out of their discovery system. This session will review how we have seized the opportunity to combine product strengths, resources, and visions to improve discovery and what that means for the future of libraries.
Presented by:
Laura Guy, Systems Librarian, Colorado School of Mines
Nate Turajski, Solutions Architect, Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Georgia World
Congress Center
Room B203
Challenges and Opportunities in Providing Course Content within Changing Instructor and Student Behaviors
Teaching and learning is a core mission of higher education institutions, but the pushes and pulls of online learning, creative digital tools and escalating costs of education are carving out a new unfamiliar landscape for most. How can the library work with instructors who are exploring new formats, techniques and teaching spaces in order to help keep the cost of education down and maximize the library collection? This session explores real world examples in navigating and providing value in this new world of course content.
Presented by:
Carl Grant, Associate Dean of Knowledge Services & Chief Technology Officer, University of Oklahoma
Jessie Ransom, Solutions Architect, Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Georgia World
Congress Center
Room B207
Where They Are Now: A Conversation with Alma Early Adopters
Join an open conversation with the Alma Early Adopters, some of the first libraries to make the transition to a unified library service platform. The panel discussion will provide an update on how the libraries are operating today, features that have been developed since go-live, and the Early Adopters’ ideas for future development based on their experience with the rapidly innovating Alma platform.
Presented by:
Amira Aaron, Interim Dean of Libraries, Northeastern University
Betsy Friesen, Director of Data Management & Access, University of Minnesota
Jimmy Ghaphery, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications and Publishing, Virginia Commonwealth University
Andrew French, Solution Architects Manager, Ex Libris, A ProQuest Company
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Georgia World
Congress Center
Room B215
50 Shades of Collaboration: From Ad-Hoc to Consortial Benefits in a Library Service Platform
Almost all institutions today are participating in some form of collaborative work; from ad-hoc purchasing/buying clubs and resource-sharing networks to a more defined consortium, working in partnership with cataloging, licensing, etc. These libraries--and even their consortia--are facing an increased pressure to maximize cooperation and sharing in order to achieve cost reduction and services improvement while still supporting each institution’s internal workflows and standards. Join this session to more about the opportunities available within Ex Libris Alma to facilitate resource sharing, centralized acquisitions, cross-institutional reporting and more for individual institutions as well as members of a consortium.
Presented by:
Lucy Harrison, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Library Services, University System of Georgia
Barry K Robinson Project Director, GALILEO Interconnected Libraries, University of Georgia/University System of Georgia
Mark Flynn Dean of Libraries, Columbus State University
Katy Aronoff, Solutions Architect, Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company