Alma Basics: A Live Introduction to Alma

October 10, 2017

Join this monthly live webinar if you are new to Alma and Unified Resource Management, or if you wish to discover how Alma improves library workflows while providing new analytics and data insights. An overview of Alma concepts and functionality will provide an introduction to the system and its benefits.


Your Ultimate Campus App Launch Guide, Part 2 - Putting together a team

October 24th, 2017 | 1:00 PM Eastern

Sign up for this webinar to join Jeff Abbott, Assistant CIO at the University of Montana, and campusM Solutions Architect Bob Banerjee to learn how to assemble your campus app project team and define functionality.

This webinar will cover:

  • Considering how the project impacts internal campus groups and departments
  • Where integrations fit in and how to define integration needs
  • How to manage mandatory and optional functionality
  • How to combine business and technical teams to accomplish goals


The New Alma User Interface | Webinar Recording

This webinar recording will cover our favorite functionality in the New Alma User Interface, where we will demo the top 10 new UI highlights. For more information, or to submit questions about the new UI, please visit www.value.exlibrisgroup.com/almaux


Driving Innovation through Collaboration: Library Perspectives | Webinar Recording

A Library Journal Webinar sponsored by Ex Libris

Universities are moving fast. How do you stay ahead of the curve to support the changing needs of students, researchers, and faculty?

Click here to watch this recorded session, where we'll look at how community collaboration and open platforms can drive innovative library services and tighten connections to the academic ecosystem. Library leaders will share their perspectives, highlight the latest developments, and discuss the impact of Ex Libris community collaboration.


Alma library management solution

How will a single, unified system improve your daily routine?

To find out more about how Alma can transform your library's operations and collection management, register here to view videos in which leaders from academic libraries describe their experience of implementing and using Alma.


Customer Stories - Primo discovery and delivery solution

Find out how Primo can revolutionize your users' discovery experience

Register here to find out more about the Primo discovery and delivery solution and to receive a complete pack of Primo information resources and videos.   


Rosetta Resources and Videos

Every institution has its own story - Preserve Yours!

Register here to find out more about the Rosetta digital management and preservation solution  and to receive videos, case studies, and further information.


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