Temasek Polytechnic Library had been using the Dynix integrated library system (ILS) originally implemented in the early 1990s. With the introduction of new technologies over the years, TP library began looking for a new ILS that could utilize the latest technologies to meet the changing needs of the Polytechnic’s staff and students. The search was thus on for an ILS which would be easy for both librarians and users to navigate, as well as being customizable to suit the Library’s unique needs such as integration with other polytechnic platforms.

After 30 years of relying on home grown systems to manage an ever-expanding collection and rapidly growing user base, it became apparent that maintaining these systems was no longer a viable option for the British Library.  With requirements for broad functionality, scalability, and extensive multi-language support, Aleph was the natural fit to serve as the British Library’s Integrated Library System.