Press Releases 2012

Ex Libris Announces Numerous Primo Sales Around the World

Jerusalem, Israel—December 10, 2012.

Ex Libris Promotes Linked Data Techniques to Make Library Data More Open and Accessible

Jerusalem, Israel—December 5, 2012.

Boston University Libraries Go Live with Ex Libris Alma

Chicago, IL—November 27, 2012

Curtin University in Australia Selects Ex Libris Alma for Unified Resource Management

 Adelaide, Australia—November 19, 2012

Ex Libris Group Announces Acquisition by Golden Gate Capital

 Jerusalem, Israel, and San Francisco, California—November 16, 2012

Ex Libris Releases Voyager 8.2

Chicago, IL—November 7, 2012

Ex Libris Introduces Browsing Functionality in Primo 4.1

Jerusalem, Israel—October 16, 2012

Orbis Cascade Alliance Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo

Chicago, IL and Eugene, OR—October 9, 2012

Taylor & Francis Content to Be Covered by the Ex Libris Primo Central Index

Jerusalem, Israel—October 9, 2012

Elsevier and Ex Libris Group Announce Collaboration to Expand Discoverability of Scholarly Content

Jerusalem, Israel—October 2, 2012

The University of Birmingham in the UK Goes Live with Ex Libris Primo and Begins Implementation of Aleph

London, UK—September 27, 2012

Central Michigan University Selects Ex Libris Primo and bX Recommender

Chicago, IL—September 19, 2012

Ex Libris and the Australian National Data Service Expand Access to Research Data

Jerusalem, Israel—September 12, 2012

Fort Hays State University Library Extends Services and Fosters Academic Success with Ex Libris Alma

Jerusalem, Israel—September 10, 2012

University of East London Goes Live with Ex Libris Alma

London, UK—September 10, 2012

Wyoming Community Colleges Select Ex Libris Primo

Chicago, IL—September 3, 2012

First Anniversary of Ex Libris Aleph at the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries

London, UK—August 13, 2012

Ex Libris Primo and Alma Selected by the University of Manitoba Libraries

Chicago, IL—July 23, 2012

Primo Records at Cardiff University Library Now Supplemented with Indexed Content Enrichment from Syndetic Solutions

London, UK—July 17, 2012

Boston College Libraries Go Live with Ex Libris Alma

Jerusalem, Israel—July 11, 2012

RERO Consortium in Switzerland Selects Ex Libris Primo

Paris, France—June 26, 2012

New Publishers and Aggregators to Provide Content for the Ex Libris Primo Central Index of Scholarly e‑Resources

Jerusalem, Israel—June 21, 2012

George Mason University Selects Ex Libris Primo

Chicago, IL—June 20, 2012

The Primo Community Exceeds 1000 Sites as the University of Hawaii System Selects Ex Libris Discovery and Delivery Solutions

Chicago, IL—June 19, 2012

State Library of Queensland Selects Ex Libris Alma

Adelaide, Australia—June 18, 2012

Ex Libris Primo Central Index to Include GBV Consortium Metadata

Hamburg, Germany—June 6, 2012

Ex Libris Releases Primo 4.0

Jerusalem, Israel—June 5, 2012

The Saxon State and University Library Dresden in Germany Selects Ex Libris Rosetta

Jerusalem, Israel—May 24, 2012

E-Thesis Online Service to Be Covered by the Ex Libris Primo Central Index

London, UK—May 22, 2012

Ex Libris Primo Central Index to Cover the Kotar Library and RAMBI

Jerusalem, Israel—May 17, 2012

Ex Libris Announces the Launch of Rosetta 3.0

Jerusalem, Israel—May 10, 2012

California’s National University Selects Alma and Primo from Ex Libris

Boston, MA—May 9, 2012

Ex Libris Endorses Global Open Metadata Initiatives

Jerusalem, Israel—May 7, 2012

The European Primo Community Continues to Expand

Jerusalem, Israel—May 2, 2012

University of Utah Selects Ex Libris Rosetta for Long-Term Digital Preservation

Chicago, IL—April 30, 2012

Ex Libris Primo Central Index to Cover More Informit Content

Jerusalem, Israel—April 2, 2012

Ex Libris Announces the Release of bX Hot Articles

Jerusalem, Israel—March 28, 2012

ODIN Migrates to the Ex Libris Cloud by Upgrading to AlephPlus

Chicago, IL—March 27, 2012

Ex Libris and Bibliotheca Collaborate to Provide World-Class RFID Solutions to Libraries

Jerusalem, Israel—March 22, 2012.

National Library of Russia Selects Ex Libris Aleph

Jerusalem, Israel—March 15, 2012.

Ex Libris Adds New bX Services Based on Scholarly Usage Data

Jerusalem, Israel—March 12, 2012.

Ex Libris Primo Central Index to Include Cairn.info Content

Jerusalem, Israel—February 22, 2012.

Brigham Young University Selects Ex Libris Rosetta

Chicago, IL—February 14, 2012

Silesian University of Technology Selects Ex Libris Discovery and Delivery Solutions

Warsaw, Poland—February 8, 2012

Ex Libris Alma is the Next-Gen Library Service of Choice for Academic Libraries in Australia and New Zealand

Adelaide, Australia—February 6, 2012

Japan’s National Diet Library Goes Live with Aleph

Singapore—January 31, 2012

Ex Libris Releases Aleph Version 21

Jerusalem, Israel—January 25, 2012

Primo Central Index to Provide Full-Text Search in Renowned HathiTrust Collection

Jerusalem, Israel—January 20, 2012

Expert Advisory Group Makes Its Recommendations for Open Data in Alma

Jerusalem, Israel—January 19, 2012

Ex Libris Primo Community in North America Continues to Expand

Chicago, IL—January 18, 2012

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Selects Ex Libris Primo

Chicago, IL—January 17, 2012

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