MetaLib: Helping Libraries Manage Remote Resources

MetaLib helps libraries manage the vast universe of remote resources by providing a comprehensive knowledge base with preconfigured access to commonly-used resources. The knowledge base is updated frequently as part of the MetaLib maintenance service. In addition, libraries have access to an easy-to-use set of knowledge base tools that provide access to institution-specific resources.
Flexible consortia options

With MetaLib, libraries within a consortium can take advantage of resource-sharing arrangements, while providing member institutions with local customization options that allow them to maintain an autonomous look and feel.
Meeting user needs

MetaLib is highly customizable, presenting libraries with various options for matching the most suitable information sources to specific user needs. Resources can be organized into pre-selected, searchable sets or grouped into library-specified categories. Resource descriptions can be customized to highlight various attributes of the information they contain.

Streamlined Authentication and Authorization

MetaLib is tightly integrated with library and institutional services through the Ex Libris Patron Directory Services (PDS) module, providing a range of options for user authentication and authorization. These include integration with library or institutional proxy servers, LDAP directories, ILS patron files, and single-sign on systems such as CAS, as well as integration within a Shibboleth framework.
Multilingual, Accessible, and Standards-based

MetaLib is completely multilingual, adheres strictly to accessibility guidelines, and supports library and industry standards:
  • Unicode compliant
  • W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, level A, and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d)
  • Record schemas – MARC, Dublin Core, MAB
  • Data formats – XML, HTML
  • Interfacing protocols – Z39.50, SRU/SRW, HTTP, NISO MXG

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