Press Releases 2008

California State Library Chooses Ex Libris Solutions

Jerusalem, Israel – December 18, 2008

The Ex Libris Primo Community Around the World Continues to Grow

Jerusalem, Israel – December 9, 2008

Ex Libris Announces New Worldwide Voyager Sales

Chicago, IL – November 17, 2008

The Ex Libris Digital Preservation System Goes Live at the National Library of New Zealand

Jerusalem, Israel and Wellington, New Zealand – November 4, 2008

Ex Libris Announces the Release of Primo Version 2.1

Jerusalem, Israel – October 27, 2008

The University of Amsterdam and the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands Choose Aleph from Ex Libris

Jerusalem, Israel – October 23, 2008

Oxford University Library Services Go Live with Primo

London, UK – October 8, 2008

The Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Higher Education (CAPES) Selects MetaLib to Power Its Virtual Library

Jerusalem, Israel – September 29, 2008

ETH Zurich Chooses Primo from Ex Libris

Hamburg, Germany – September 23, 2008

Ex Libris Australia Announces Several New Primo Sales

Adelaide, Australia – September 2, 2008

University of Haifa Library Selects Primo, Making Israel the 15th Country to Adopt the Ex Libris Discovery and Delivery Solution

Jerusalem, Israel — August 31, 2008

Leeds Equity Partners Acquires Ex Libris Group

Jerusalem, Israel and New York, USA—August 5, 2008

Ex Libris Appoints Carl Grant President of Ex Libris North America

Jerusalem, Israel, and Chicago, IL, USA – July 29, 2008

The Aleph Integrated Library System from Ex Libris Continues to Be Chosen Worldwide

Jerusalem, Israel – June 30, 2008

Ex Libris Launches Open-Platform Program, Reaffirming its Commitment to Openness as a Core Company Value

Jerusalem, Israel – June 29, 2008

Ex Libris Announces the Release of Voyager 7.0

Chicago, Il – June 27, 2008

The State Library of Queensland, Australia Chooses Primo by Ex Libris

Adelaide, Australia – June 26, 2008

University of Notre Dame Selects Primo, Completing its Suite of Ex Libris Solutions

Chicago, Il – June 19, 2008

Ex Libris Announces the Release of Primo Version 2.0

Jerusalem, Israel – May 12, 2008

Oxford University Library Services Chooses MetaLib by Ex Libris

London, UK — May 5, 2008

Southampton Solent University Selects Several Ex Libris Products

Southampton, UK – April 23, 2008

Universite du Quebec Chooses Ex Libris Primo Solution

Chicago, IL - April 14, 2008

L’Universite du Quebec choisit Primo

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Chicago, IL--14 Avril 2008 

Brigham Young University Selects Primo by Ex Libris

Chicago, IL - March 30, 2008

Ex Libris Integrates Direct Links to Google "About this book" Pages in its Products

Jerusalem, Israel - March 13, 2008

Institutions in Asia Continue to Adopt Ex Libris Solutions

Jerusalem, Israel - February 14, 2008

The Ex Libris Primo Customer Base Continues to Grow

Jerusalem, Israel - February 4, 2008

Ex Libris Group Announces the Release of Aleph Version 19

Jerusalem, Israel - January 10, 2008

Ex Libris Group Launches New Corporate Branding

Jerusalem, Israel - January 7, 2008

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