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Usage based Scholarly Recommendations



The bX™ Recommender is a service that helps the users to discover relevant literature that they would not have found otherwise. Based on the usage of millions of researchers around the globe and starting from the article the user is looking at it checks what other articles were used together with it and displays a list of relevant articles.

The articles may be from different journals, publishers and platforms and may even carry different keywords. bX recommendations are a  valuable extension to the user’s own research: the user finds an article, bX finds more for them.

Web-savvy users are already well accustomed to usage-based recommendations.  Found on commercial websites such as Amazon.com, these  recommendations have become highly popular with users. Focused solely on the scholarly domain, bX recommendations are based on actual usage data.  It is the first service to provide highly granular recommendations that point to specific scholarly articles.

The bX service is brought to you by the same team that created SFX and the OpenURL standard, a collaboration of Ex Libris and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) renowned researchers Johan Bollen and Herbert Van de Sompel.

Empower Your Library Users with Web 2.0 Recommendations

By offering the bX Recommender, your library steps up to serve your patrons with a valuable tool that meets user expectations for up-to-date, Web 2.0-type services, providing recommendations that are:

  • Relevant: based on the analysis of millions of transactions related to the context of the user’s work
  • Up-to-Date: include current scholarly material down to the article level
  • Easily Accessible: tightly integrated into scholarly search results

See how bX can help your library

bX can be found where users discover their articles

bX is available out of the box via SFX and  Primo. In addition, libraries can integrate it easily into other environments by using standard APIs.

Up and Running within Hours in a Software-as-a-Service Environment

The bX Recommender is offered as an on-demand service, meaning that there is nothing to install or maintain on your network.  Just complete the self-registration process online and be up and running in one business day.

bX recommendations are delivered to your library’s system, so users can immediately start seeing recommendations using their existing login credentials. And because bX recommendations are so intuitive and delivered directly to their familiar scholarly discovery environment, users need absolutely no training and can right away start benefiting from the service.

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Make Your User Input Count: Contribute Usage Data to bX

Institutions which sign up for the bX service can also contribute usage data to the service.  Although such contribution is not a requirement for using the service, any additional usage data will enhance the quality of recommendations provided to the subscriber community.

To receive updates on this service, please sign up for updates via the Ex Libris Initiatives blog.

bX Recommender plain and simple

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bX Recommender in a nutshell

The bX Recommender

* is based on the usage data from millions of researchers worldwide

* discovers relevant articles for the user
        *  across journals
        *  across publishers 
        *  across platforms