A New User Experience

End-to-end Solution for Information Discovery and Delivery

Primo® provides users with a one-stop solution that streamlines the entire search process from discovery to delivery, enabling users to quickly locate and obtain accurate, high-quality information.
  • Find it all: Primo offers users a single interface for finding all the information they need—books, e-books, print and electronic articles, digital media, and other types of resources. With Primo Central, users can access the library’s remote collections with the same ease and speed as local, institutional resources
  • Obtain relevant, personalized results. The Primo ScholarRank™ technology tailors the relevance ranking of results to the user’s discipline and academic degree.
  • Find it easily: Thanks to Primo, finding information is fun and easy. Sophisticated search features such as “did you mean?” and faceted navigation help users focus their search and quickly zero-in on the most relevant results.
  • Get it: Users can access digitized resources and the full text of articles when available and authorized; can see information about item's availability displayed in the search results; and can place an order for an item from their library or through the ILL module.
  • Personalize: Users can save queries in their Primo e-Shelf, rerun saved queries and request notification by e-mail or via RSS of new results for a saved query. Any record shown in the brief result list or the full record display can be saved in the e-Shelf or pushed from Primo into a supported third-party online reference management tool.
  • Share: The Primo user experience incorporates Library 2.0 and social computing features—enabling institution members to share tags, ratings, and reviews.
  • Use everywhere: Primo’s search functionality can be integrated into institutional portals, course management systems, or other third-party software, enabling users to find and get information whenever they need it and wherever they are.


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