Primo: A New User Experience

In today’s user-centric society, delivering a superior experience to your users is key to supporting patrons’ discovery and research needs, engaging students, and maximizing the impact of your library resources.

Introducing Primo UX

Ex Libris Primo® delivers the ultimate discovery experience for students, faculty members, and librarians. It provides users with a consistent discovery across devices, quick access to frequent actions, and seamless patron services – all from a single, intuitive web interface.

Libraries can easily customize the Primo user interface to their needs, in order to strengthen their brand, enhance the visibility of library services, and influence how collections are explored and displayed.



The Primo Difference

There are many important considerations that go into UX design. The Primo UX is based on user studies, feedback from the Primo customer community, and ongoing analysis of search logs.

Below are some of the key features that set Primo apart from other library services:

One experience across devices

The increasing preference of users for mobile devices is driving change in the design of applications and services. To satisfy users’ expectations, content, applications, and services need to be viewed and used seamlessly on multiple devices, and provide a similar experience on all of them.

With Primo, users can access all the resources that a library system has available via computers, smartphones, or tablets, locating and viewing information in the manner most convenient for them.


Smooth and easy navigation is important for a good UX. Primo’s one-click action buttons allow users to perform the most frequently used actions quickly and without unneeded hassle. Users can copy a citation reference, request a copy, export information, print bibliographies, or save items to “My Favorites” with a single click.

Exploratory discovery

One of the most exciting aspects of discovery is finding fascinating information at the library “just by chance”. Such serendipitous discovery helps users extend the scope of their learning and research, finding related information that expands their understanding of a topic, or opens their view to a new aspect they hadn’t considered before.

Primo provides users with powerful exploration paths, including the Primo Citation Trail, the bX Article Recommender and the Resource Recommender, as well as additional data-driven services.


Modern Web applications have gotten us used to accessing information and services tailored to our needs. Library applications, too, should make users feel that they are built for user-specific needs. Primo enables patrons to personalize their search experience, providing the best matches for a particular query and showing action options based on a specific user’s profile, previous selections, and even their current location.

Broad and rich content

Primo delivers a wide range of resources, of all types, all in one place. Users can find and access electronic, digital, and print collections within seconds, while researchers can view digital collections directly from within the interface.

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Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Primo

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Primo Overview

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