Representative MetaLib X-Server sites include

The MetaLib X-Server: Embedding Remote Search into the User’s Environment

The MetaLib X-Server enables libraries to extend MetaLib functionality and metasearch services to users wherever they are and in the context in which they need them. Using the MetaLib X-Server, libraries can deliver customized solutions within a well-documented and fully-supported framework.

With MetaLib X-Server, you can:

  • Embed a search box in your library's electronic resources Web page, offering users the ability to search a single resource or a resource collection
  • Extract resource descriptions from MetaLib to enhance your library's Web pages or electronic Subject Guides
  • Extract your lists of resources from MetaLib, organized by categories, and present them within your Course Management System (CMS)
  • Use MetaLib as the "engine" for your library portal(s) with a user interface of your own design
  • Create a fully-integrated, highly customized search-and-link environment that includes:
    • MetaLib for metasearching
    • SFX for scholarly linking
    • Local catalog for local holdings
    • Google's API for spell checking
    • Integration with CourseWare

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