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The National Academic Library and Information System in Bulgaria Goes Live with Primo, SFX, MetaLib, and DigiTool

Hamburg, Germany – September 27, 2010

Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology Chooses a Suite of Ex Libris Solutions

Chicago, IL –  March 4, 2010

Periodical Portal of the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) Goes Live with MetaLib and SFX

Chicago, IL—January 7, 2010

The National Academic Library Information System in Bulgaria Selects a Suite of Ex Libris Solutions

Hamburg, Germany – December 21, 2009

Ex Libris Announces New International e-Product Solution Sales

Jerusalem, Israel – October 12, 2009

The Open University of Hong Kong Chooses a Suite of Ex Libris Products

Singapore – October 5, 2009

Swinburne University of Technology Transitions to Ex Libris Product Suite to Meet Future Challenges

Adelaide, Australia – August 4, 2009

Ex Libris Announces the Release of MetaLib Version 4.3

Jerusalem, Israel – March 30, 2009

The Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Higher Education (CAPES) Selects MetaLib to Power Its Virtual Library

Jerusalem, Israel – September 29, 2008

Oxford University Library Services Chooses MetaLib by Ex Libris

London, UK — May 5, 2008

Southampton Solent University Selects Several Ex Libris Products

Southampton, UK – April 23, 2008

Universite du Quebec Chooses Ex Libris Primo Solution

Chicago, IL - April 14, 2008

New York University Selects ALEPH, MetaLib, and Primo by Ex Libris

Chicago, IL - December 4, 2007

Ex Libris Announces Major MetaLib and SFX KnowledgeBase Enhancements

Jerusalem, Israel - September 2, 2007 

Ex Libris Continues to Expand the MetaLib Knowledge Base with Valuable GIDEON Research Resources

Jerusalem, Israel, and Los Angeles, CA – July 26, 2007 

Israel College of Management Chooses SFX and MetaLib to Meet Academic Needs

Jerusalem, Israel – April 19, 2007

Ex Libris Customers Contribute to a Successful MetaLib 4.0 Product Launch

Jerusalem, Israel – March 29, 2007

Iowa State University Selects SFX, MetaLib, Verde, and Primo

Newton, MA—March 8, 2007

Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel, and Edinburgh, Scotland—March 1, 2007

Purdue University Selects MetaLib and SFX

Newton, MA - February 13, 2007 

Reach Out and Discover with MetaLib Version 4.00

Jerusalem, Israel - February 8, 2007 

Dottrina Giuridica, Leading Italian Legal Database, Expands International Coverage of Ex Libris MetaLib Metasearch System

Jerusalem, Israel - December 7, 2006

NASA Johnson Space Center Launches MetaLib/SFX Into Orbit

Houston, TX and Newton, MA - November 13, 2006

Ex Libris and Cambridge University Press Announce the Integration of MetaLib and Cambridge Journals Online

Jerusalem, Israel - September 14, 2006

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Chooses SFX and MetaLib

Daejeon, Korea – August 17, 2006 

Two More Beijing Universities Select ALEPH 500, MetaLib, and SFX

Beijing, China - August 9, 2006

Ex Libris Integrates the Vivisimo Velocity Clustering Engine into MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel – June 12, 2006

Two More Chinese Universities Select Ex Libris Products

Beijing, China - April 27, 2006

Ex Libris MetaLib Customers ‘Shibbolize’ User Authentication

Newton, MA – April 11, 2006

ScienceDirect and Scopus Now Enabled for MetaLib

Jerusalem, Israel – January 30, 2006 

GALILEO Sees its Future with Ex Libris

Newton, MA – January 10, 2006

ELAR to Represent Ex Libris in Russia

Moscow, Russia – January 5, 2006

European Access for Portuguese Universities Expands with MetaLib and DigiTool

Lisbon, Portugal – December 29, 2005 

Tsinghua University Library of China Chooses SFX, MetaLib, and Verde

Beijing, China - December 7, 2005

Ex Libris and The Berkeley Electronic Press Announce the Integration of MetaLib and ResearchNow Full Access

Berkeley, CA - November 13, 2005 

Catalonian Library Consortia Select MetaLib and SFX

Barcelona, Spain – October 6, 2005 

Paris 1 — Pantheon Sorbonne University Chooses ALEPH 500, MetaLib and SFX

Paris, France - September 5, 2005 

Ex Libris Adds Thomson Scientific Platform to MetaLib

Newton, MA — August 9, 2005

Four More UK Customers for SFX and MetaLib

London, UK — July 19, 2005 

The Fourth "Group of 8" University selects MetaLib and SFX

Adelaide, Australia - July 14, 2005 

Ex Libris SFX Sites Upgrade with MetaLib

Boston, MA - June 29, 2005 

Ex Libris Hosts MetaLib for Mississippi State University

Newton, MA - June 15, 2005 

SFX and MetaLib in Oppland County, Norway

Oslo, Norway - June 1, 2005

Two Prestigious Research Universities Choose MetaLib and SFX

London, UK - May 25, 2005

Nottingham Trent University Chooses ALEPH 500 and Verde to Complement its MetaLib and SFX Solutions

London, UK - April 28, 2005

National Library of China Selects MetaLib and SFX

Beijing, China - March 7, 2005

University of Melbourne to Unify its Electronic Resources with MetaLib, SFX and DigiTool

Melbourne, Australia - March 1, 2005

Charles University in Prague Completes its Ex Libris Suite with the Licensing of MetaLib, SFX, and DigiTool

Prague, Czech Republic - February 22, 2005

Southern Adventist University Selects ALEPH 500, MetaLib/SFX, DigiTool, Verde

Boston, MA - February 15, 2005 

The Japanese Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Research Information Center Grows with MetaLib and SFX

Tokyo, Japan - February 8, 2005 

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Selects MetaLib and SFX to Manage its Electronic Collections

Valencia, Spain - January 19, 2005

Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian School of Christian Education Selects ALEPH 500 and MetaLib/SFX

Chicago, IL - January 11, 2005

Ton Duc Thang University Goes Live with Ex Libris Library Solutions

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam—August 16, 2017.

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