Shlomo Sanders

Chief Technology Officer

Shlomo Sanders joined Ex Libris Group in June 2006 as lead Primo Architect and following that served as the company's Chief Architect. Following a 30-year career in software development, research and development, Mr. Sanders is now Chief Technology Officer at Ex Libris.

Before joining Ex Libris, Mr. Sanders held a number of leadership roles at large software development companies and various start-ups. During his 15 years at one of Israel’s largest software integration companies, Mr. Sanders spent 5 years as CTO steering the company from classic project development to internet-related projects, eCommerce, OLAP and GIS based systems. He subsequently served as VP Development in various Internet related start-ups and as a software architect in one of Israel’s large mobile telecommunications providers.

Mr. Sanders holds a BSc in Computer Sciences with honors from the Technion University in Haifa, Israel.