Empower your library

Libraries at the Forefront of Information Discovery

Bridging the gap between current library systems and today’s user expectations, Primo helps libraries reclaim their position as a preferred source for information discovery.

With Primo, libraries provide users with a superior one-stop discovery and delivery solution—combining the richness of library collections, the unique value added by library cataloging services, and an Internet-age user experience.

  • Enabling users to find and get the information they need: With Primo, libraries present up-to-date availability information and streamlined delivery options. In addition, Primo Central enables users to search a wide range of information resources at the same time as searching their local, institutional materials, and presents a single, relevance-ranked results list. 

  • Capitalizing on the richness of library resources and encouraging their use: Primo lets libraries expose the full scope of their collections, helping users discover library resources that they were never aware of. The result is greater use and the continued development of library collections based on user needs.
  • Meeting users where they are: With the wide range of discovery systems available today, libraries can no longer wait for users to visit the library —physically or virtually. Primo services can be embedded in commonly used locations, Web sites, learning management systems, blogs, and social networking sites increasing the accessibility and use of library services.
  • Designed for librarians by librarians: Primo is a complete product designed from the ground up with the librarian in mind. All Primo functionality can be easily configured through point-and-click Web pages with no need to rely on technical IT staff.
  • Offering built-in support for consortia: Consortia implementing Primo can choose configuration options ranging from complete centralized control to total independence—allowing each member library to select its own settings for search options, user interface, calculation of item availability, and delivery options.

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