SFX for Librarians

A comprehensive KnowledgeBase, web-based administration interface, and sophisticated management tools

Simple to implement

Use convenient out-of-the-box settings, or customize SFX to meet your specific needs. Your library is in full control of the look and feel of the SFX interface components—the menu, CitationLinker form, and A-Z list—and of the services that are presented to your users. The Web–based administration interface enables you to instantly access and customize the user interfaces and the link services displayed to your users. You can easily make changes and they immediately come into effect.

Easily extendable

In addition to using all the functionality that SFX provides, you can create your own functionality! SFX is an open system, and many customers create code extensions and share them with the whole community via the EL Commons collaborative Web site. SFX is highly interoperable through open interfaces, allowing seamless integration with other systems in the library.

Effective for managing your collection

The SFX KnowledgeBase, a central component of the SFX link resolver, is one of the industry's largest and most inclusive knowledgebases. It supports SFX functionality with detailed descriptive, availability, and technical information about scholarly e-resources, such as e-journals, e-books, packages, and hosting platforms.

Because the scholarly publishing market is dynamic and the offerings of content providers are constantly changing, a dedicated team of Ex Libris librarians and programmers continuously updates and enhances the SFX KnowledgeBase to provide the most current information. You can easily access the KnowledgeBase via the SFX web-based administration interface to activate your resources and add local information.

  • SFX collection analysis tools—support for smart decisions

Using the in-depth SFX analysis tools, you can examine your collection and identify overlaps and duplicates so that you can make smarter purchasing and cancellation decisions. The analysis tools help you find the optimal mix of resources to meet your budget.

  • SFX statistics—knowing what your users do

SFX keeps track of all user activities. With the statistics tools, you can obtain a detailed picture of your e-resource usage, down to the title and platform. SFX usage can also be captured by the bX scholarly recommender service to generate recommendations to end-users on the basis of other scholars’ selections.

  • UStat—the COUNTER statistics analysis service

With SFX, you can analyze your COUNTER reports by using UStat, the Ex Libris COUNTER report analysis service. You can upload your COUNTER files via SUSHI or manually and generate a variety of reports, including cross-platform and multiyear reports.

To find out more about SFX for your library, please contact your local Ex Libris office or distributor.

Why SFX?

SFX optimizes the usage of your e-resources.
SFX guides your users to the best available copy, offering alternatives where no electronic version is available.
SFX analyses usage and supports intelligent collection management decisions.
SFX gives you full control and maximum flexibility to customize the system to your needs.
SFX is easy to implement with web-based tools. Changes are effective immediately.

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